What is Micro-fresh® technology?

Micro-fresh® is an invisible technology that can be applied to any garment that is vulnerable to bacteria, mould or viral growth.

Products such as Sports Bras which come into contact with the skin provide the perfect environment for micro-organisms to multiply, such as odour-causing bacteria. When washing clothes at 60°c this will remove the bacteria but high temperature washes are damaging to both the environment and the garment.

Micro-Fresh prevents the bacteria from growing on textiles by up to 99.9% so you can reduce the temperature of your wash with the same cleansing effect.

Only Sports Bra on the market with Micro-fresh®

Odour Prevention

No bacteria mans no odours, which reduces the need for intensive cleaning and extends the lifespan of your products.

Viral Protection

It is tested and proven to reduce the cross contamination of viruses (including COVID-19), protect customers and workforces

Mould Prevention

Micro-fresh® prevents mould growing in transit where goods may be subject to humid conditions.


It’s hypoallergenic, free from plastic and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types.

Keep your Sports Bra fresher for longer

One problem we all face when exercising whether we exercise at moderate or intensive levels of activity, is body odour. With Micro-fresh® technology embedded within the Everymove Sports Bra, you can tackle your workout with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the odour is under control and your bra remains fresh.

In 2020, the ‘Beat the Sweat’ campaign was launched to put Micro-fresh® to the test. This 30-day challenge involved testers wearing the same Micro-fresh® treated top in their daily workout routines without any washing. Results showed that the participants t-shirts remained odour-free and fresher for longer.

Curvy Kate commitment to turning our Pink brand Green

As part of our own-going commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our brand and producing the most sustainable lingerie range possible, we are incredibly proud to be the first brand to bring a Sports Bra to the market made with the innovative Micro-fresh® technology.

With products such as Sports Bras that come into contact with the skin and are prone to odour causing bacteria, most people opt for a 40°c-60°c wash to remove them. Washing at high temperatures however uses more energy and can ultimately be more damaging to your garment reducing its lifespan.

Micro-Fresh® is proven to be effective at low temperature washes helping you to reduce both your energy consumption and your energy bills. Switching from a 40°C to 20°C wash can save 62% of the energy consumed.
If we all did one less wash per week because our clothes stayed fresher for longer, we would reduce our water consumption by 3,536 litres per year.