Dispelling Myths: Embracing Comfort and Style in Big Boob Bras

Problem: Uncomfortable, frumpy bras to a O cup.
Solution: On trend bra design with comfort at the forefront without compromising on fit.

For many with larger busts, the search for the perfect bra can feel like an endless journey. The common misconception is that big boob bras are ugly and uncomfortable. However, the truth lies in understanding the nuances of bra fit and style. At the forefront of this revelation is Curvy Kate, a brand that challenges stereotypes and proves that comfort, support and style can co-exist seamlessly whilst having FUN in our lingerie!

Comparison of Saterra wearing a poorly fitted bra and the Amaze Bra Comparison of Saterra wearing a poorly fitted bra and the Amaze Bra

The Myth of Ugly and Uncomfortable Bras

The stigma around big boob bras often revolves around outdated notions that larger sizes compromise on aesthetic appeal and comfort. Many have experienced the frustration of bras that seem more functional than fashionable or, worse, uncomfortable lingerie that falls short in providing the necessary support.

But here's the truth: Your bra doesn't have to be a compromise between comfort and style. In fact, it can be a celebration of both!

Close up of the Amaze Bra by Curvy Kate

Introducing Curvy Kate's Amaze Collection: Comfort and Style Redefined

Curvy Kate challenges the stereotypes surrounding big boob bras with their Amaze collection. Amaze stands out for its unique approach to both comfort and style, offering a solution that feels as good as it looks.

Key Features of Curvy Kate's Amaze Collection:

  1. Balcony Bra Design: The Amaze collection features a balcony bra design, providing the perfect balance between coverage and allure. This style enhances your natural shape while offering comfortable support throughout the day.
  2. Side Support for Enhanced Shape: The inclusion of side support in the Amaze bras ensures that your bust is lifted and shaped beautifully. This added feature not only contributes to a flattering silhouette but also enhances overall comfort.
  3. Coverage Without Compromise: ne common concern is the desire for coverage without sacrificing style. The Amaze collection addresses this by offering bras that strike the perfect balance, providing the coverage needed for a secure fit while maintaining an elegant and fashionable aesthetic.
  4. Tailored for Comfort: Curvy Kate understands that comfort is non-negotiable. The Amaze bras are crafted from soft, high-quality materials, ensuring a comfortable fit that lasts throughout the day. The curved under band is also a bonus when it comes to comfort as it prevents digging in under the bust! Dreamy!
Saterra wearing Amaze Black Saterra wearing Amaze Black

Amaze offers a wide size range from ​​30-34 I-O, 36-40 G-O, 42-46 DD/E-I ensuring all big boob babes can get a slice of the Amaze action.

Saterra wearing Amaze Black Saterra wearing Amaze Black


Dispelling the myth that big boob bras are ugly and uncomfortable, Curvy Kate's Amaze collection showcases how the right fit and style can redefine your lingerie experience.

Big bras are certainly not BORING! By understanding your unique shape and investing in bras designed with both comfort and style in mind, you can embrace the confidence that comes with well-supported, beautiful undergarments. Say goodbye to outdated stereotypes and hello to the comfort and style you deserve with the Amaze collection from Curvy Kate.

As with all bras, the perfect fit is so important, you can find your Curvy Kate fit with our free, quick and easy Bra Fit Quiz!

Take the Leap of Trust

We understand your worries around big boobs and low back bra styles and that's why we invite you to try Amaze for yourself. Experience the freedom of movement, the confidence in every step, and the ability to wear anything without a second thought.

We believe everybody with a fuller bust should have confidence and freedom to live life without limits.  

Find your perfect fit in a Curvy Kate Amaze Collection.

Saterra wearing Amaze