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What's more uplifting than stepping into a fresh, well-fitted underwear set? Browse our collection of 34H (US 34K) bras that’ll make you feel like a dream.


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Our extensive selection is designed to the weight off your shoulders, with a wide range of styles from seductive to practical. 

Fill your drawer with Curvy Kate’s stunning 34H (US 34K) lingerie sets today!

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Don’t let your boobs hold you back - step up your lingerie game with a brand-new 34H (US 34K) bra!

Our comprehensive bra collection is designed to meet your unique needs. With an extensive variety of styles and colours, you can choose a bra that reflects your personal style and uplifts your confidence.

Whatever your style is, we want you to find the piece of lingerie that can match it. That’s why we offer an extensive range of sister sizes like 32HH (US 32L) and 36GG (US 36J).

We’re here to show you exactly what to look for in a perfectly fitted bra from the comfort of your own home! Read our Bra Fitting Advice or take our 5-minute Bra Fit Quiz to make the most out of your underwear.