Our Ethical Statement Our Ethical Statement

At Curvy Kate, we pride ourselves on being fun, open & engaging.

this is our brand ethos

We are like a big family at Curvy Kate Ltd, we care about our staff, our suppliers and our customers and we think it’s important that we tell you about our ethical mission.


Diverse Skin Tones

We are striving to introduce more diverse skin tone products into our collection which either match or compliment your skin tone.

No Nasty Chemicals

The materials that go into our products are regularly tested to ensure they do not contain any nasty chemicals; this helps to ensure the factory workers who have handled these products and our end customers are protected.

Charity Donations

From 2021 onwards all our fitting and sales samples will be gifted or donated to charities.


Audited Factories

Our factories are audited each year by 3rd party external audits, which means they adhere to the Modern Slavery Act, this ensures workers are paid a fair living wage in their country. The audits also ensure our factories maintain standards in-keeping with the communities and countries they are based.


Equal Opportunities

We have published an Equal Opportunities Policy, to ensure our team members feel supported and reassured that they will always be treated respectfully and equally.

Diverse Marketing

We are introducing more and more diversity into our marketing, working with models from diverse backgrounds and in a range of sizes, who represent our global customer base.

Team Events and Activities

We regularly run in-house challenges and events like Bake-off, Step Challenges and Mental Health Awareness week, where all money raised gets donated to charities.