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Step into a world of unparalleled comfort and elegance with Curvy Kate's padded bras. Read More

Our collection, meticulously designed for those who cherish an extra touch of sophistication, masterfully combines comfort with a hint of luxury. Each padded bra, from our latest new arrivals to the alluring plunge bras and the classic elegance of balconette bras, is crafted to enhance your natural shape while providing exceptional support. These bras are ideal for moments when you desire a little extra lift and contour, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best. Our padded bras are a celebration of your curves, meticulously designed to empower and accentuate your beauty every day.

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Discover the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style with Padded Bras

At Curvy Kate, we believe that the right bra is essential for feeling fantastic. Our padded bras offer the ideal mix of softness and support, tailored to fit your unique body shape perfectly. For those on a quest to find their perfect bra size, our bra fitting tips provide invaluable guidance. If you're uncertain about your size, our bra fit quiz is designed to assist you in finding your ideal match. To complete your lingerie ensemble, explore our elegant panties, each as stylish and comfortable as our bras. Embrace the harmony of comfort and style with Curvy Kate's padded bras, transforming your lingerie collection into a celebration of elegance, comfort, and self-assurance. With our collection, you're not just choosing a bra; you're embracing a lifestyle where confidence and style coexist, enhancing your natural beauty and uplifting your confidence in every step of your life.