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Change your underwear game with Curvy Kate’s beautiful selection of 30D (US 30D) bras.


From timeless and classic to bold and contemporary, our 30D (US 30D) bras seamlessly merge comfort with style. Let your inner radiance shine through every outfit and don’t let your boobs hold you back!

Shop today and step into your 30D (US 30D) lingerie.

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Embrace every facet of your femininity!

From bustling mornings to relaxing nights, we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders. Curvy Kate's collection of 30D (US 30D) lingerie is the perfect mix of both functionality, style and comfort.

For those seeking a touch of elegance, our 30D (US 30D) full-cup bras and balconettes are the perfect fit. And remember, it's all about finding what feels right – if you're in-between or uncertain, explore our sister sizes, including 28DD (US 28DD/E). You’ll be able to express your unique personality while enjoying the support you deserve.

If you're unsure what to choose, our fun and easy Bra Fit Quiz will guide you in discovering your ideal fit. Once you've found the perfect size, you'll be ready to take on any activity while feeling free and confident.