Everymove Sports Bra – Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A Interview with Olivia, Head of Design

Unsure whether the Everymove Sports Bra is right for you? Are you unclear on what makes the Everymove Sports Bra a game-changer for fuller busts?

Bra Whisperer Katie challenges Olivia, Head of Design, to a series of 30 second quick-fire questions to educate us all on everything you need to know about the Everymove Sports Bra.

What is the best way to put the Everymove Sports Bra on?

We would always recommend that you put the sports bra on as with any bra, and you basically allow your breasts to fall into the bra at the front and then you do it up at the back and the hook and eye.

Once you’re there and you are done up, you can then lift up and scoop and swoop into position. For some people who struggle to do that, they can always twist it around.

In three words, what makes the Everymove Sports Bra unique?

Triple layer fit!

Inside you have a stretchy layer that clamps onto breast tissue with a padded cradle that is really nice and comfortable and flexible. The secret layer inside is layer number two. That goes around the perimeter of the breast and stops movement and bounce. And the outer layer keeps it all together. Nice and smooth outer, compression and great shape.

How will your boobs sit in the Everymove Sports Bra?

The inside of the sports bra is designed just like a regular bra. It’s got a wire and a cradle. So the breast tissue should sit inside the cup. It has a really stretchy inner cup so that will clamp your breast tissue and hold everything in position. It clamps, but without you even knowing. It feels like a soft cup, but it performs style. And then you get separation because you have the wires coming all the way up through the centre. So it’s not like a monoboob, it’s a nice separated look and feel.

What level of coverage does the Everymove Sports Bra offer?

We’ve designed this product to obviously be a Curvy Kate product so you are going to get a little bit of cleavage but that doesn’t mean you’re not supported. You’re really nicely encapsulated. We’ve actually cut away the underarm a little bit, because we found that in a lot of our wear testing from an F all the way to a K cup, that this movement in exercise is really important. So we didn’t want any sort of chafing here, you’ll find it slightly more exposed at the underarm, little bit of cleavage at the neckline. Uplifted with zero chafing!

What level of exercise can you do in the Everymove Sports Bra?

We called this Everymove because our intention is this bra can be worn for any exercise whatsoever. Stretch, light yoga, all the way through to netball, jogging, sprinting, absolutely everything.

How often should you wash your Everymove Sports Bra?

There’s a really amazing feature with Everymove and you can see on this little green tag, that says microfresh. We have launched basically the first sports bra to market that has microfresh. And what this does, is it reduces build-up of odour and bacteria on the fabrics of the bra, which means it won’t get smelly. So you don’t have to wash it anywhere near as much as you would with a regular sports bra.

Does the Everymove Sports Bra fit true to size?

This will be a quick one. Yes!

Bra whisperer tip. If you haven’t had a bra fitting in the last six months or if you’re just unsure of your size, perhaps you’ve never had a bra fitting or you’ve never worn Curvy Kate product before, then make sure you head to our Bra Fit Quiz and have a bra fitting in less than 5 minutes. It’s super simple. And really important you buy the right size bra for you.

Fit tip: Everymove is designed with a lower cut cup for a compressive feel. If you prefer more full coverage, size up in the cup (e.g. 34G to 34GG).

Does Everymove reduce bounce all the way to a K cup?

Yes, absolutely! It was one of the most important features when we were developing the product. The way we designed this bra, because it’s got flexi wire, it feels like a non-wired bra, but it supports and performs like a wired bra. And the other thing which is really important is the straps. We’ve got these lovely wide, high-modulus straps. And they’ve also go these little teeth slider which will lock into position. Make sure you adjust your straps so they are nice and firm on your shoulders. And they’re pink too!

Bonus Round

We set the timer to 15 seconds and posed a series of questions to Olivia sent in by our social media community.

Is the Everymove sports bra good for a close set bust?

Definitely. What someone with close set boobs will find is that they might get a little more cleavage at the top where things get pushed up. Yes, it’s totally suitable for any breast tissue type.

One of our followers has noticed that Saterra, our model, has got a little bit of cleavage in her bra. Is this normal?

Yes. So we wanted this bra to be a Curvy Kate sports bra, and we want a little bit of cleavage. What’s great about it is it doesn’t stop the support, or the encapsulation of the bra, but it just gives you that little bit of something Curvy Kate.

What is the flexi-wire?

It’s really simple. A flexi-wire, all it means is it’s going to move this way, it’s going to move that way. Its got 360 degree movement. And if you think about when you move, when you exercise, you’re moving in every single direction. So that’s essentially what flexi-wire is.