If you haven’t heard about CoppaFeel! yet then where have you been?!
They are an amazing breast cancer awareness charity made possible by one of the most inspirational women there is- Kris Hellenga.

Kris Hellenga
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Kris was sadly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2008, aged only 23. After a visit to the GP to have her ‘lumpy’ breasts examined, Kris was told it was just ‘hormonal changes’. Mind at rest Kris embarked on a travelling adventure, but when she returned and her issue had not resolved itself, she decided to visit the GP for a second time. Sadly, this time the news wasn’t so welcome. Kris had been misdiagnosed, and by now the cancer was so bad that it had spread to her spine and it was too late for a cure.

In that moment Kris knew something had to change, this couldn’t happen again to somebody else; people shouldn’t be dying from breast cancer due to it not being detected early enough. So with this thought in mind Kris channelled all her fear and anger into making a difference. CoppaFeel! was founded as she wanted to spread the message that ‘If you know your boobs then you’ll know when something is wrong’.

Kris and her team now spend their time devoted to encouraging women (and men) all over to take the time to get to know their own breast tissue, how it feels and how it looks, because ultimately knowing this could save your life. In an ideal world breast cancer would not be a killer - everyone would detect an issue early enough to be cured through regular checking.

Boob Checks

Here are some messages from CoppaFeel! about signs and symptoms and how to check and get to know your boobs so you can easily detect if something is wrong.

It’s such an important message so while you’re searching for the perfect fit then remember to look after your breast health – It’s too important to ignore.

Boob Health Checks

So here at Curvy Kate we support CoppaFeel! wholeheartedly. So much so that in the past we collaborated with them to create an amazing bra that not only looked beautiful but also encouraged women to check themselves, we have included their reminder labels in all of our bras and have worked with them to spread the word through various campaigns and will continue to do so into the future.

Coppafeel Support
Coppafeel Support
Coppafeel Support

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Curvy Kate are here to show you in three easy steps what to look for in a perfectly fitted bra!