The Girls Network
The Girls Network

The Girls Network

Here at Curvy Kate, we have always been passionate about making a positive impact on women’s lives through the power of great fitting lingerie. It’s much more than just pretty lingerie however we also want to share our contagious culture of uplifting and empowering women.

That’s why, as part of our new 2022 charity partnership, we have teamed up with The Girls Network!

Their mission is to inspire & empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor & a network of professional female role models.

The Girls Network was founded by 2 school teachers in North West London who noticed the multiple barriers young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds faced in classrooms such as;

  • The pressure to conform to ideals
  • Limited confidence and self-belief
  • Lack of female role models

They established a 1-2-1 mentoring scheme and now work with over 1,200 girls after recognising that having personal relationships with their mentors makes a huge difference in encouraging them to rise above stereotypes and expectations.

The Girls Network Team The Girls Network Team

By matching female mentors from companies like ours; with girls in school aged between 14 to 19, the charity can really make an impact to positively change the girls’ confidence, knowledge of work and paths to their own careers which ultimately helps them pave the way to a happier, fruitful life & career!

To put things into perspective, this is a taste of the impact The Girls Network has had since their launch in 2014…

The Girls Network Matched Statistics The Girls Network Matched Statistics
The Girls Network Mentoring Statistics The Girls Network Mentoring Statistics

Fast forward to today, the Girls Network and the team at Curvy Kate have joined forces and 6 of our staff members have now committed to becoming a mentor to help change these girls LIVES!

Here’s a bit about the mentors from Curvy Kate HQ set to empower the future generation of women….



I applied to become a mentor so that I could help shape the future of a young woman, offer her the positive vibes which allow her to grow and level up her self-belief! For me, it starts with being human, being kind and offering your lived experiences for others to learn and grow from. I have sure lived a fruitful career to date, and I hope to share that passion through mentoring!


I wish I had the opportunity for a mentor back when I was a teen - I could do with one now too. If I can help anyone avoid the pitfalls I've had, then it'll definitely be worth it.



I chose to become a Girls Network Mentor as I grew up around a lot of women who didn’t have careers and I didn’t know how to get one, or what I wanted to do. Thankfully I had an amazing teacher who went through and worked with me on her lunch breaks. This felt like an amazing opportunity to give this experience back to someone else.

I hope I can help someone understand what it is they would like to do for a career and how to make this a reality. Hopefully they will come away with more confidence in themselves and their abilities and I can help to give them the tools to have the best start possible.



I wanted to become a mentor because TGN is an amazing charity in which I am able to make a direct impact with an individual and help her prepare for her future. I hope to gain confidence for not only my mentee but also myself as we both go through this journey over the next 12 months to build and develop her professional skills.



I have volunteered to be a mentor with TGN as I have always struggled with confidence and did not have the self-belief to set the goals I would have liked to. I am excited to provide the support and guidance for a young woman to hone her skills and improve her confidence to achieve her goals

That’s not all, we will also be busy finding other ways to champion our girls including…


  • Fundtraising events such as bake sales
    (we have a HUGE sweet tooth at HQ)
  • Wear it Pink Day
  • Sample Sales
  • Staff sponsored events

YOU NAME IT! We will be spreading female energy throughout 2022 & beyond!
At Curvy Kate, we have always aimed to empower anyone and everyone that crosses our path, from our customers to our staff members via our love for lingerie and feeling FAB in our own skin!

Quote from Rachel Quote from Rachel

We are so excited to get started with The Girls Network to really make a difference, change lives and STEP UP the body positive and empowering vibes!