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Bra Whisperer

As Seen on The Elaine Show

Meet Katie (AKA the Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer) she appeared on Elaine to discuss the importance of wearing a correctly fitting bra and the wide variety of styles which are available from D-K cup!
To ensure you get the perfect fit, watch our fitting video below and read the 3 steps to bra happiness!

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3 steps to happy boobs

A Firm Favourite

Always ensure that your backband is firm (but not tight) and horizontal for maximum support. If you can pull more than 2 inches away from your back, go down a band size.

A little oomph

Tighten your straps so that they sit firmly in place without digging in. Your straps should offer a little added oomph but not completely lift the bust, that’s your bands job!

Fill your cups

Your bra cups should encapsulate your entire breast tissue with no spillage or gaping.

Is your bra making you sad?

You need our Bra Whisperer...

She has all of the correct bra fitting advice to make your boobs feel happy!

It takes time to Bra Whisper and we want to give you our full attention. So, please allow 1-2 weeks for the Bra Whisperer to respond to your query, we promise it will be worth the wait!

Please upload 3 images of you wearing your bra from the front, back and from the side. You can be wearing a vest or tight top if preferred, but please no nudity!

Fitting Room

Curvy Kate are here to show you in three easy steps what to look for in a perfectly fitted bra!