Recycle your look Recycle your look

Recycle Your D+ Swimwear Look

Yes, you read correctly! You can be fashionable whilst advocating for sustainability at the same time, and Curvy Kate are here to supply you with the goods to have you slaying the poolside or beach shores with a GREEN heart.

While bringing you that freshness that we all know and love, we also know how important it is to minimise our impact on the earth. Sustainability is all about re-wearing your wardrobe and investing to invent a timeless wardrobe without the need for over consumption, that’s why this swimwear collection is made using our Xtra-life fabric, ultimately increasing the durability and ‘drawer-life’ of the collection.

What’s more, we created our REVERSIBLE swimwear collection meaning you can get not one, but two outfits in one. Talk about saving space in that suitcase! 😉
So whatever mood you’re in, you can rely on Girls Night Swim to give you options and outfit ideas for DAYS!

The Swim & Tonic Reversible Bikini in Black/Blue Snake-print! Looking for *that* bikini for that staycation coming up? Look no further! This is just one of the variety of styles, designed with the utmost comfort and support in mind for your girls. All that’s left for you to do is swim or sunbathe in style!
The bikini also offers triple layered cups up to a JJ cup, with our “hug me” panels, for 360 support. There will be NO wardrobe malfunctions in sight, only comfort and style!

We also want to encourage you to restyle, reuse and recycle your Curvy Kate goodies and don’t forget to tag us in your looks!

ALL of our Swim & Tonic + Sea Leopard swimwear is made from over 30% recycled fabrics – Our Sea Leopard Balcony Bikini is 56% recycled meaning over half of the fabrics are made using excess fabric in factories, which would have otherwise been put in landfill or our oceans.
By 2025, the wasted plastic from the fishing industry would weigh the same as all the fish in the sea – and here at Curvy Kate, we are on a mission to make an impact, one swimsuit at a time!

Such recycled fabric, called CPL, can save energy up to 12% and reduces carbon oxide by up to 23%! We want to make sure the manufacturing of your most loved swimwear doesn’t come at a cost of harming the environment we call home!

Due to the reversibility feature, you are getting not one, but two swimsuits in one, thus saving you from purchasing more and us increasing our carbon footprint to produce more garments!

We transfer all of our product by sea and on very rare occasions by air to fulfil demand, this helps to ensure our carbon emissions are limited as possible!

By using as much recycled fabrics as possible in this swimwear collection, we are saving wasted fabrics from going into landfill or even our oceans which is detrimental to the earth and wildlife.

The materials that go into our products are regularly tested to ensure that they do not contain any nasty chemicals, stopping them from going into waterways during the washing and drying process.

YOU can be a part of making our pink brand green

We recommend hand washing our products which uses a lot less water than machine washing, saving water waste.

What are you waiting for? Let’s be a part of the change!