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In My Dreams is here to support you in your down time.

We know that our Curvy Kate babes work hard, we are forever striving to live our best lives! The highs don’t come without the lows; after the greatest days, we need the longest of naps and in this fast-paced world, YOU TIME has never been more of a necessity.

When we take time of ourselves, we relax, feel comfortable and open our minds – the most magical things can happen. We are joined by a host of amazing women who are here to guide you, motivate and inspire you to achieve your dreams!

The bralette which is going to keep you cool, calm and collected as you Eat, Sleep, Manifest, Repeat.

Meet In My Dreams...

In my Dreams bra and cloud

The oh so comfy In My Dreams soft cup bralette.
Our latest lightweight and breathable bralette is designed to keep you comfortable and supported whilst you relax, WFH or even take a nap!

The non-padded soft cup bra offers an innovative ‘boob separator’ to reduce breast rub and ‘hug me’ mesh panels that wrap around the body to add support and comfort from DD/E to J/JJ cup.


Now meet the ladies who are going to inspire you:

Dr. Vidhya

Meet Dr Vidhya

A Dr and Spiritual Coach who is here to offer you life transforming content from self-confidence, and relationships to manifesting and gratitude journaling!

Knowledge is power, we have created a hub of content for you to learn from on our YouTube channel:

Self-Love | It all starts with you

Money | The Science of making Peaceful Profits

How to eliminate fear

How to attract healthy relationships


Meet Simone

Simone gives us all her fabulous positive energy, not only is she a Curvy Kate model but also the most incredible and inspiring wellness influencer heading up ‘The Teen Experience’ and ‘My Trauma My Healing’ Instagram communities.

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Meet Lauren

A mama, a Beauty Therapist and Curvy Kate Babe. Lauren talks us through the fit of In My Dreams

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Meet Eleanor

Eleanor also become a Curvy Kate Babe after appearing in our #IamCurvyKate campaign. She has since been doing Instagram takeovers for us and now Eleanor talks us through how manifesting and journaling have helped her to achieve her dreams.

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Meet Chloe

Chloe keeps it REAL! Inspiring ladies on the daily with her mid-size style, Chloe lives a busy life juggling studies and influencing, she styles up In My Dreams with a reel from Pjs to WFH!

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Meet Amel

We first met Amel at #IamCurvyKate, she has since featured in our Super Plunge campaign and Instagram Live music sets! Amel gives us boss babe vibes with an inspiring video on how to achieve your dreams and her very own journey.

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Meet Aliyah

Aliyah caught our eye with her fabulous energy, and colourful drawings! She brings joy through her art and learning to love her body!

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You can find all of the babes across our social media platforms who are unlocking your potential with lots of advice across self-care, manifesting and achieving your dreams!