Confidence with a K with Jackie Adedeji #Konfidence Confidence with a K with Jackie Adedeji #Konfidence

Confidence with a K

To celebrate the launch of our Smoothie Strapless going to a K cup, we joined forces with Jackie to launch our latest campaign and show just how confident you can be as a K in your lingerie

Jackie exudes sass, confidence and she loves her boobs so who better to inject body positive vibes and lift our mood? 


We caught up with Jackie after the shoot and asked her a few questions: 

How does it feel to wear a bra that fits correctly?

EVERYTHING and more! I can't believe I lived a life where I was wearing the wrong bra.

In fact, probably my whole life until the past few years I was wearing the wrong bra, and now I know why I looked so slumped, and felt such a disconnect with my chest.  I needed the right bra, the right outlet, the right mind to go out there and get checked and listen now I know my bra size, It genuinely feels like there is nothing I can't do now. Fly? Easy! I can do that! 

A strapless bra, was this ever something you thought you could wear?

In my dreams! Yes, not actually. I have tried all the titty tape you can think of, and had to have 5 people to put it on, which feels like an operation at times, but now I feel like I can experiment more with different looks, and bring much more avant garde looks to my wardrobe! 

Now that you have the strapless bra in a K cup, do you feel like you would experiment more with your style?

Oh 150%! Basically...Doja Cat, I'm coming for you. 

Smoothie Strapless Features and Benefits Smoothie Strapless Features and Benefits

What is your best advice for fellow K cup babes out there?

The only reason why I ''own it''  being a 36k is because of my outlook, I always try and see the positive in everything I do, there are so many reasons to dislike our chests, comments, feeling censored by platforms, being defined by them, can't afford the right bra, not sure what size they are, should I keep them? should i remove them? but they are not the best thing about you, you are so much more special and amazing than your chest. Never feel like it's all your good for, never feel like you have to love them either, I just want you to remember that pure joy and validation about who you are inside, comes from you, that is your power! Don't ever forget your power. 

Tell us which bangers you were listening to on the shoot to hype you… and why they do just that? 

Omg. It has to be The Saturdays - All fired up! Iconic! Also Geri Halliwell - It's raining men, Girls Aloud - Long hot summer,  Spice Girls - Holler. Let me tell you I used to dance a lot in my kitchen, and pretend I was performing to millions and it was only my Barbies but before I grew breasts I felt all the freedom in the world to move my body, then when they grew  to a 30FF by the time I was 11, I was self conscious, ashamed, and felt like I was on constant surveillance so I stopped using my body as a vehicle to express myself through dancing. I lost years to not feeling free, so now I dance, I dance Like I am 11 again, lip syncing for my life hunny! When I was on the shoot, this music helped me reconnect, express, move, shake and flow to the positive vibrations and live the life I am living where I am truly in the 'best version of myself era'.

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Listen now to Jackie’s #Konfidence playlist to lift your mood and let Curvy Kate lift your boobs!

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