Why You Should Get a Bra Fitting Every 6 Months

Why You Should Get a Bra Fitting Every 6 Months

We know, it sounds excessive. We know sometimes getting a bra fitting can be a pain. Your reasons may vary from ‘I don’t want my boobies to be assessed by a stranger’ or just because you don’t have the time. Whatever your reason for putting off your bi-annual fitting we give you the reasons why they are important.

First things first, bras are there to support your bust. To hold it all up so you can avoid aches and strains. If your size has changed, your bra won’t be doing the job it is supposed to.

If you are wondering why your boob size would change in span of 6 months, here are a few reasons:

Gaining or losing weight
Pregnancy/After Pregnancy
Contraception change
Health-related problems

An ill-fitting bra can change the appearance of your outer-clothes. We all have probably experienced and quad-boob or a gapey – Should-I-Stuff-It-With-Socks bra. Whichever it may be, a bad bra can make your clothes looked wrinkled or lumpy. We want to flaunt our curves and great underwear can do that!

Here are some tips on what to look for in a well fitted bra:

A firm back band that lays horizontal around the ribcage.
Wires that sit flat against the sternum and run under breasts without sitting on breast tissue.
Cups that encase breast tissue with no gaping or bulging.
Straps that sit in place without falling off or digging in.
Try different styles to find what works for your breast shape.
Try a wide range of back sizes and cup sizes to make sure you can see the difference

If you prefer to see visuals to see what we mean. Here is a bad fit vs a good fit:

A band curving up, is a big no-no!

Your boobs should fit into the cups with no ripples

Your bra should contain the tissue not spill out on the sides

A proper bra that hugs you properly will be more comfortable. No wires digging in or straps falling off! Say no to discomfort!

The best fitters measure by eye and if you are feeling confident enough to gauge whether your own bras are fitting correctly, you can head to our fitting room for more tips before your fit.

If you would rather get it done by a professional, make sure you avoid anyone that brings out a measuring tape! xx

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