Body confidence and self love artist Lady Luck Draws, talks to us about the inspiration behind her drawings and how she hopes her art will encourage self acceptance and empowerment!


Lady Luck Draws shares her journey of being a digital artist with us:

I’m just a girl that draws inspiring people! From body confidence to self-love, cancer warriors to hidden and visible disabilities - every single person is unique and worthy.

Check out the Lucky Star Bodysuit in Lady Luck Draws art!

In February 2021, I started to draw in the evenings, to distract myself from anxiety. Initially I started drawing lip art but wanted to focus more on people. I was already a follower of some inspiring body confidence creators so that’s where I started and still absolutely love it!

Check out the Lace Daze Bralette in Lipstick Red in Lady Luck Draws art!

I started a new project recently that focusses on fashion for all bodies. Each week my followers vote for a different theme. When lingerie week came up I knew exactly where I’d be looking first, Curvy Kate!

Why Curvy Kate?

Colourful, eye catching designs get me excited for a drawing and Curvy Kate's did not disappoint - I wanted to draw (and own) everything! As well as the stunning designs and glorious colour palettes, I love that they cater for bigger sizes but still make everything look sexy! I was so inspired by the different ranges too! From every day sets to something for the bedroom - I’m in awe! The Curvy Kate Team very kindly sent me a beautiful piece which I couldn’t wait to try on! It made me feel so damn confident, I had to draw myself - which is a rare sight!

Check out the Unchained Plunge Bra and Rules Of Distraction sets in Lady Luck Draws art!

My art is for everyone! I hope that it empowers people to accept and love themselves just a little bit more.

ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES - yes, even yours.

Check out the Gin Fizz Longline Balcony Bra in Lady Luck Draws art!

My ultimate favourite colour is yellow but I adore rich emerald/forest greens and deep royal blues.

Check out the Wonderfully Full Cup Bra in Forest Green in Lady Luck Draws art!

My favourite Scantilly set is Indulgence, it’s pure confidence! But the Exposed set in ochre… pure perfection! The Curvy Kate Centre Stage set in violet is one of my favourite pieces that can be worn for for any occasion.

Check out the Indulgence Bodysuit in Ultraviolet in Lady Luck Draws art!
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