How to wear underwear as outerwear!

When lingerie looks this good, you'll want to wear it as outerwear! Show the world your perfectly fitting set with confidence.

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Underwear as outerwear is all about showing as much lingerie as you want to! You are totally in control whether you want to layer it up, make it the centre piece or show a simple strap! With lingerie, clothing is always optional! We are inspired on the daily by our social following when you tag us in posts wearing your Curvy Kate lingerie as outerwear and we wanted to share this with you, because fashion is super fun and styling your underwear as outerwear is just such a fabulous idea!

Want some top tips on how to style your favourite Curvy Kate and Scantilly sets for the perfect underwear as outerwear style? Keep on reading.

How do I wear underwear as outerwear?

Curvy Kate Babes, lingerie is the greatest foundation to your outfit! Once you get that fit right, everything which falls upon your foundations is sure to look fabulous. A way to make the most of your wardrobe and lingerie drawer combined is to LAYER! Layer up your look from the lingerie base whether that is a bra, bralette or bodysuit, it is then your opportunity to add a simple tee, and a chic blazer or a cute dress and cardigan! A top tip from our Bra Whisperer for when those pesky shirt and cardigan buttons just won’t do up, undo the top button and show a little more underwear as outwear. OWN IT!

Styling Underwear as outerwearStyling Underwear as outerwear

When it comes to wearing underwear as outerwear, the best accessory is confidence. One must be fully confident in their outfit to truly feel AMAZING! Confidence comes in many forms and looks different for everyone; you may feel your most confident in a bodysuit and sheer dress or perhaps in a great fitting bra under your favourite sweater. You are in control of your look and that is the most exciting part of styling underwear as outerwear! Read on to find out more.

Styling Underwear as outerwear

Styling Underwear with Cardigans

Styling Underwear as outerwear

Looking to go a little cosy chic, then a cardigan is always a good idea! From lounging in your Get up and Chill bralette with an oversized chunky knit to elevating the look with a fine knit cardi off the shoulder and Twice the Fun peeping through.

We also recommend wearing the Lucky Star bodysuit as a top to contrast the cosy vibes of your fluffy cardigan.
You decide how many buttons you do up, if any!

Styling Underwear with Jeans

Styling Underwear as outerwear

When the group chat is popping and ‘What are you wearing?’ pops up, we are usually met with the answer, ‘Jeans and a nice top'.

If you want to take this simple yet effective styling to the next level, make your nice top the Extrovert longline, Indulgence one piece or Lucky Star bodysuit!

Lucky Star Bodysuit

Just add jeans and heels for hitting the bar or a pair of your comfiest trainers for low key styling. Finish with a denim or leather jacket for a look which will take you through a Girls Night Out!

Styling out of your suitcase? If you are packing for a few days away, Wrapsody is an essential! The little black collection features quick drying mesh panels which can be styled infinite ways and the swimsuit works perfectly as a body teamed with denim shorts, jeans or a skirt on your vaycay!

Styling Underwear with an Overshirt

Cherry Pop Plunge Bra

Comfort is key from your foundations up and since we were locking into bralettes during the pandemic, some of us now love to wear them as the new underwear as outerwear trend and we are here for it!

Styling Underwear as outerwear

Keep your bralette on, slip over a light weight ‘shacket’, jean jacket or plaid shirt for a look that is ready for brunch!

Styling Underwear as outerwear

Styling Underwear with Blazers

Form the boardroom to the bar!

Scantilly Sex Education Balcony Bra

The Blazer really allows you to turn up the sophistication and drama! From a tailored jacket paired with delicate Scantilly bralettes and faux leather half cups to more relaxed boyfriend shapes match with long line bras and bralettes.

Styling Underwear as outerwear
If you have been keeping your lingerie under wraps and want to take your styling to the next level, here are a few tips as to how to really bring your wardrobe and lingerie drawer together.

Be sure to tag us in your posts on social media, @CurvyKate as we would love to see how you style up our underwear as outerwear pieces and to inspire the community!

Styling Underwear as outerwear

Try this look with our Scantilly Indulgence Bodysuit in Orchid!

Scantilly Indulgence Bodysuit in Orchid

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