Tips & Tricks from our Bra Fitting Live with Renee Cafaro!

Tips & Tricks from our Bra Fitting Live with Renee Cafaro!

For those of you who may have missed the Instagram live, here are our tips, tricks and takeaways from my in-person bra fitting with Curvy Kate’s resident bra whisperer, Katie Weir.

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First of all, despite being the US Editor of a plus size fashion magazine and now designing for my own brand, RCA Public Label, I know woefully very little about my bras sadly, so don’t feel bad if you find it confusing too! We’ve all by know heard how we need to get fitted and the wires should lay flat against our bodies, but did you know you should get re-fitted every 6 months?

I certainly didn’t!! Luckily Curvy Kate has free virtual bra fittings so you have virtually no excuse! Also as a plus size woman, I have often settled for just “the biggest size you carry” at any shop. I was so frustrated with that mentality, that I have made fit the focus of RCA Public Label. I’ve spend a lot of time, effort and money fitting on every body type from US Sizes 16-32 and hand grading to ensure that every item fits equally great on every size. So with all that effort it would be a shame to have your undergarments be ill-fitting!

I always think that a great matching set or a really nice bra is the perfect way to set the tone for the day and build a foundation for your look, because not only does your clothing fit better but you will feel more confident, which is the best accessory.

RCA Public Label is set to release a few new items but they are tricky (or so I thought) to know what bra to wear. On the site for sale now you will find deep-v neck silk blouses, wrap dresses and moto jackets ALL of which are perfect with the Curvy Kate Super Plunge bra.

As I am developing a cut-out dress, I was having some trouble finding the perfect way to give women an open back detail without requiring a backless bra. The super plunge to the rescue again! Since it has less clasps in the back than most bras and is covered perfectly.

My next in-development dress is a sexy 90s-inspired cowl-neck slip dress and in order to get the full effect of the tied spaghetti straps, you need a great strapless. As someone with H-cups, this is almost impossible until Katie sorted me out with their smoothie strapless.

"I’m a much smaller band size than I thought which really helps save you from the dreaded slide or flip down!"

Psst...Are none of these taking your fancy? As highly recommended by Renee herself, our best selling Luxe Strapless bra is another one of her favourite strapless bras from Curvy Kate! Coming in a range of neutral tones, there will be no slippage in sight! 

But, for added sex appeal, I am OBSESSED with the Scantilly unzipped caged bra. The strappy detailing with a glint of gold perfectly peeks put of this dress but would also be a great added feature to take any of my wrap tops up a level to go out to the hottest new bar.

"I can’t say enough amazing things about the Curvy Kate collection and now that I have my proper size a whole new world of options has opened up for me and I hope it will for you as well!!" - Renee Cafaro

Still need to find your perfect fit? Get fitted by Katie or our fab team of VBFs here!
Or, if you already know your size, shop new in here! 

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