No Time to Die (or wear boring lingerie) courtesy of Scantilly!

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Cue dramatic music and a slow mo walk... Lashana Lynch makes history as she plays the FIRST female 007, a MI6 agent alongside Mr Bond himself so we already KNOW she means business!  In terms of Scantilly lingerie, she definitely loves to empower; so we just had to pair her with our Buckle Up set in Oxblood; the velvet buckles would go effortlessly with her uniform and it's definitely not for the faint hearted; only the Spectre would be able to ignite such a reaction...after all, we came to slay! 
Madeline Swann
Madeline Swann, the kick-ass psychologist who is no stranger to the comfy yet classy attire as she makes her return - the first time a love interest is playing a significant part in more than one Bond movie, might we add! It's not often the hero falls in love with his villain's daughter, but equipped with Scantilly we can make sure you're the angel who (Sky)falls from the heaven! 
So obviously we think she'd be rocking Indulgence as it gives us ultimate girl power vibes! The timeless, intricate lace coupled with the rose gold hardware just exudes Bond Girl energy and we are SO here for it! 
Goldfinger... all she touches turns to gold.

We all know that silky plunge backless dress was such a look, Paloma is definitely no stranger to the glamour that comes with being a Bond Girl, which is why we thought Unchained would be her ultimate match. The plunging neckline will go effortlessly with her signature red lip and plunging necklines, whilst the gold chain detailing adds the finishing touch. Paired with the matching suspender belt, you'll be ready for action just like Paloma in this alluring set. 
You have the power to be your very own Bond girl so go forth and shoot your shot... 

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