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1) How much on Average does a 32F weigh the same as?

A) Two Hamsters B) Two Bloomers C) Five Bottles of Ketchup

The Great Big Boob Quiz AnswersThe Great Big Boob Quiz AnswersThe Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

32F boobs do indeed weigh as much as two large Bloomers which weigh 800g each.

2) Which cup volume is bigger?

A) 32G

B) 40E

Answer: If the volume of a 40E bra was added to a 32" back it would be equal to a 32GG so therefore the 40E is the largest volume.

3) What does it mean when your bra looks like this?

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

A) It’s a perfect fit

B) It’s too big

C) It’s too small

A back band riding up means that your bra is too big. This is because the weight of your boobs pull on the straps pulling the back band upwards. A correctly fitting bra should be snug-fitting and tight enough to support your breasts without being moved.

4) How often should you have a bra fitting?

A) Every month

B) Every 6 months

C) Once a year

D) Once every 5 years

Yes - that often!! Boobs change all the time so go and get checked every 6 months. Go more often if your breasts change drastically i.e. if you're going through puberty or pregnancy.

5) Whose boobs are these?

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

A) Kate Winslet

B) Sofia Vergara

C) Christina Hendricks

D) Kelly Brook

E) Scarlett Johansson

That's right, this lovely set belong the the curvaceous Miss Christina Henricks.

6) Which part of the bra gives 80% of the support?

A) The Straps

B) The Cups

C) The Back Band

D) The Wires

From the previous question you can see that it is your back band that holds the majority of the weight of your breasts... Make sure it's the right size!

7) Who famously said this when speaking about their boobs …

“I have little feet because nothing grows in the shade”

A) Kim Kardashian

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

B) Pamela Anderson

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

C) Dolly Parton

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

D) Kelly Brook

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

There she is, the queen herself!! Of course it was Dolly Parton who joked about her boobs - would we expect anything else?

8) How many bras are produced across the world every day?

A) 2 million

B) 4 million

C) 10 million

A whopping 4 million bras - Can you believe it?!

9) What’s the world record for the largest natural breasts?

A) 32M

B) 38T

C) 48V

D) 50LL

The Great Big Boob Quiz Answers

This is Annie Hawkins-Turner (AKA Norma Stitz - LOL) and she does indeed have 48V boobs. All natural. She was told to get a reduction but replied "I don't want to mess with nature". We hear you girl.

10) What percentage of women are wearing the wrong bra?

A) 64%

B) 75%

C) 82%

D) 90%

If you know anything about Curvy Kate this is a stat we bang on about all the time. Yes 90% of women are in the wrong and 90% of women need to sort it out.

So there you have it! How did you fair? Did you get them all right or did you flop and need a bit more time swotting up? Either way let us know on Twitter (@CurvyKate) and tell us your score using the hashtag #CKBoobQuiz.

Big Love xxx

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