Bra Whisperer picks to see you through Storm Eunice!

Batten down the hatches, the wind outside is pretty crazy and so we advise you get on your comfies and do a little bra shopping.



You may ever want to use this time inside, to find our your Curvy Kate bra size with our quick and simple Bra Fit Quiz.

As the title suggests, as we are going to talk through our favourite bras from the POV of our Bra Whisperer, Katie who is a size 30GG/H (dependent on where she went, time of the month and what she ate, you know the score).

Lifestyle non padded plunge bra

Shop the Lifestyle non-padded plunge bra

Storm Eunice in a GG cup
Lime Alert! This bra is all about the ‘wearing a bra but not feeling like I’m wearing a bra vibes!’ Lifestyle is super lightweight thanks to the single mesh design to a J cup, in fact the rounded shape and cleavage is pretty mind blowing considering it has zero padding! I just love that wearing this bra is a statement to big bras not being boring, so go on girl – flash a little strap!

Wonderfully Full Cup Bra

Shop the Wonderfully Full Cup Bra

Pink to make yourself wink. I am so here for this collection, when you are battling against gale force winds, rain and grey skies – the last thing you need is an uncomfortable bra giving you a jab to the armpit! Wonderfully features all the elements of the world’s most comfortable bra, including a super wide back band to hug and hold your body, stretch top cup (perfect for asymmetric boobs), wide, narrow set straps to prevent shoulder slippage and a curved up underband to take the pressure OFF. Essentially is the perfect storm, for comfort.

Emboost padded half cup balcony bra

Shop the Emboost padded half-cup balcony bra here

We need a reminder that Spring is around the corner. It can be hard when you wake up in the dark and don’t see any further light for half the day due to these stormy UK weathers, but it is amazing what sunshine can be added into our life with a pretty set of lingerie. Emboost really sets the tone with its uplifting shape, your boobs will have never seen such heights and not to mention the beautiful pastel embroidery and sweet heart neckline cut for all the positive energy.

Get Up and Chill soft cup bralette

Shop the Get Up and Chill soft cup bralette

Storm Eunice in a GG cup

For the days when you just don’t want to leave the house, we feel you! Get Up and Chill has got you, from the non wired supportive shape to the super soft microfibre material, you don’t have to put a normal bra back on for a while either as you may just want to alternate between the colours (until the storm passes of course). This is definitely my period bra as the dual sizing allows for my month to month fluctuations to be fully indulged and accommodated for.

Superplunge Kiss front fastening padded plunge bra

Shop the Superplunge Kiss Front Fastening Padded Plunge Bra

Storm Eunice in a GG cup

Some days you just want life to be that much easier and this is why we have given you a front fastening bra. No reaching to the back or swizzling around – just a simple fasten to unlock new levels of cleavage! This bra sure wowed me when I first wore it, and who’s to say Storm Eunice is the only one blowing people away, in this bra – you will too!

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Storm Eunice in a GG cup

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