Small waist, large bust, BIG problem!

Small waist, large bust, BIG problem!

Curvy Kate isn’t made for just one person, it’s curve celebrating of all women! Curvy Kate started off to fill a MASSIVE void in the market for bigger busted gals who NEEDED bras that supported their boobs whilst making them look bloody amazing! That ethos hasn't changed, we still make it our priority to provide bras for as many curves as possible! The struggle is all too REAL for girls with large breasts and small waists, causing one big problem again...BRAS!

Being fuller busted often comes with the assumption you're larger all over, which for many just isn’t the case. Whether your bountiful chest is au natural or implants you gotta keep the girls in check with a comfortable bra that fits correctly (whilst being cute obvs) 😜 After all, curve isn't a certain size.

Some people may not realise Curvy Kate waist sizes start at 28"/30" and go all the way up to 44" whilst our Scantilly range starts from 30" to 40". We do our best to cover as many sizes for gals with big boobs as possible, so obviously this includes the petite girls too! Big boobs deserve to look pretty and sexy, NOT boring over the shoulder bolder holders! 🙄

But don’t take just our word of it! Dream girl Alice Rayman (bra size is 32K) entered our Star in a bra competition way back in 2012 after she discovered Curvy Kate and here's what she has to say about our bras...

“Before I found CK I used to HATE my bras and underwear shopping. I used to go into my local lingerie shop and they would fit me in the most horrendous bras - VERY thick strapped, normally about 5 hook and eyes, not sexy or attractive. But that's what I thought I had to wear as I'm so small in the back yet HUGE in the front. I was measured as a 32K and told there aren't often pretty bras for that size, as my back is so small and cried my eyes out. My boobs never had a nice shape in the bras either. I couldn’t BELIEVE the bras Curvy Kate did for 32K cups. I remember sitting with the shop girls going through the brochure like "THIS one comes in my size????" So shocked that there WERE pretty and sexy and beautiful bras for me. And that's when I entered SIAB. Have literally only ever worn Curvy Kate since as I love how I feel in them. I feel so confident and sexy and love the shape I get. I'm supported too and feel 'safe' in them. No chance of four boobs, or falling out which I used to always get! I just am so excited to wear Curvy Kate sets because of how they make me feel! I don't think women always realise how much confidence a well-fitting bra can give you!”

Alice in Ellace Black - click to shop!

Work it girl! Alice on our SIAB 2017 promo video shoot WOOH!

Another past SIAB entrant from 2015 is Danielle Fearon, cup size 28GG and here's what she has to say about Curvy Kate bras...

"Since I was as a young teen, I've struggled to find bras that fit my bigger bust but smaller waist/back. I was wearing a 32E by the time I was 14, although I was probably a 30F; which was pretty much impossible to find while out at the standard shopping centre in 2004! Even when more brands started to offer smaller back sizes, the cups still didn't accommodate! This only got worse as I lost some puppy fat from my teens and then fitted a 28GG! I remember trying Curvy Kate for the first time and knowing the struggle was over! Curvy Kate was the first brand that not only crushed this issue for me, but also offered beautiful and well fitting bras that don't cost the earth! Being able to find well fitting swimwear in my bra size is also fantastic; gone are the days of string bikini tops cutting into my neck because of the weight of my boobs! Thank you Curvy Kate!"

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Look at her go! Danielle on set of our SIAB 2017 promo video 🙌


The Lingerie Princess never fails to look incredible in Lifestyle Petrol

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Joann looks cute in Victory Electric Blue (in sale)

So girls, If you find yourself struggling to find a bra that makes you feel great whilst offering the best support for your little frame and holding up the 🍉🍉 try Curvy Kate, after all - we make bras to make YOUR boobs happy!

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