Over 52% of women prefer to shop swimsuits and tankinis as they feel they don't have the confidence to wear a bikini!

Curvy Kate design swimwear to make you feel fabulous and we want women to wear every piece with confidence! So, when we found out that 53% of women don't wear a bikini because of their confidence and 27% of you opt for a swimsuit because of what others might think of you... we just knew we had to change this statistic for the better.
We have teamed up with absolute mega babe Jackie Adedeji to showcase her first time wearing a bikini EVER! Not only this, we invited 5 of our UK followers to join her and serve those body confidence VIBES.
If you have NEVER worn a bikini we are asking you to WEAR THAT BIKINI and celebrate every inch of your beautiful body! We want to show the world that indeed every body is a bikini body and you are so ready - RIGHT NOW! 
Curvy Kate invited FIVE ladies to come join them for a Bikini Body Confidence shoot at a private swimming pool with our leading lady Jackie and bopo hype queen Natalie Amber!
They were bra fitted, gifted with gorgeous swimwear which they beautifully modelled on the day, taking the confidence they embodied at the shoot home with them! 
What happens with the images after the shoot?
Curvy Kate followers turned Campaign models! Which means, the images were shared across our website, social media and to our retailers. They inspired over one million people on our social platforms by being authentically themselves.
Jackie gives us all the energy we need in preparation for this shoot...
Me? Wearing a bikini? You’ve got to be joking me — 11 year old me is screaming right now.
Bikini’s, feeling secure, feeling sexy, like I fit in one has never been on my agenda because I grew up being used to accepting my fate that having a fuller bust meant restrictions, you don’t have the luxury of wearing things everybody else does because you have a large chest.  And so I accepted very early on I will never find a bikini that makes me feel empowered, sexy and confident and that bikini’s were not for me.


And now lo and behold 15 years later here I am wearing a Curvy Kate bikini that makes me feel all those amazing gorgeous things that I didn’t know whether I was ever going to feel. Me?


I look at my self in THIS bikini and instantly I smile this is FOR me, And it’s for YOU.

I spent so long denying myself the pleasure of wearing a bikini and parading around the beach in my body and now finally I feel my younger self looking over my shoulder like...
“Finally. Have your moment girl you waited a  bloody long  time for this.”
** Survey results based on 100 women taking part **

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