Et voilà!

Life Drawing Influencer Event Overview

Cue the FOMO ladies…last week we had our very first live influencer Zoom event, a Virtual Life Drawing Class. To form the ultimate girl gang, we were joined by artist (and teacher for the night!) Aliyah [@aliyahart], and our beautiful influencers and they all took part in drawing our SS21 Scantilly model Danielle as she posed in our NEW Sex Education collection.

In this blog, we will be taking you through all the action that went down to banish that FOMO!

But what is our Sex Education collection all about?
Sex Education is inspired by feminine curves and includes luscious embroidery illustrating the intricate details of the female body coupled with smooth satin to add some power to your walk when you wear this under your clothes for the ultimate outfit!
So, to celebrate our curves and the Sex Education collection, we challenged our influencers to draw our gorgeous Danielle in multiple poses and time-frames, really tapping into appreciating the female body in it’s most natural form paired with lingerie to give the complete compliment to her figure.

 “It makes me feel so good to be a woman. Drawing curves on a woman made me feel more connected to myself and my body.” - Danielle

Not to mention, our girl gang were all dressed head to toe in our Sex Education collection which made it a night of honouring each other’s figures in the many unique forms that they come in, reinforcing that YOUR body, ladies, is an art form! In Aliyah’s words, your body is literally made up of shapes!
“Lingerie changes the way you walk. A lot of women wear the wrong size and deal with it, but when you wear the right size it’s life changing.” @SimoneCharles_

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