International Women's Day Empowered Lingerie

International Women's Day Empowered Lingerie

International Women’s Day is a perfect time to discuss what makes us feel empowered. We at Curvy Kate believe what we wear can be incredibly transformative on how we feel. Who doesn’t feel fab in a gorgeous set of lingerie?

Keeping in the spirit of self-empowerment here are some lingerie sets you can have a peek at if you want an extra layer of power dressing.

Our Scantilly Surrender range finds the perfect balance with soft embroidery and strong lines in its design, perfect to put under any girl boss outfit. If you are really feeling yourself, wear nothing else at all. ; )

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They will have to Surrender to us at some point!

If you enjoy a more decadent lifestyle, our Scantilly Decadence range may be for you, the white detailing making the range looking incredibly sporty but highly chic at the same time.

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For the Decadence in you.

We love to celebrate our bodies so we will continue our discussion on empowering lingerie sets soon in a Facebook Live. Keep an eye out to learn all about lingerie to feel like a boss in.

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Keep celebrating and sharing the love x

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