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No, this is how you should store your bras!

No, this is how you should store your bras!

The Good Housekeeping Institute has revealed the mistakes we are making when it comes to our bras, one that stood out to us is advice on how to store them, they urge you to hang your bras up and not keep them in drawers. Yes, this is the best thing to do, but we know all too well it's not realistic or manageable for everyone. We want your Curvy Kate bras to last as long as possible, so here is our list of ways to store them quickly and efficiently... after all we do know A LOT about bras!

Line them up in your drawer neatly and with space instead of just throwing them in…

This will help the bras keep their shape between and after washes, by lining them up neatly it's instantly limited the chance of any snagging on the hooks, your bras won't get crumpled and moulded bra won't lose shape and no bending of the underwires. Oh, and it makes it super easy to find that perfect T-Shirt bra you’ve been looking for all week! The space between each bra, like when hanging them up allows the bra to breathe between washes...

  • Why not try bra holders for your drawers, not heard of them? Well, prepare for your mind to blown...

    Lingerie Organizer
  • Use drawer organisers so that each bra and knickers has its own space and you can pick out matching sets super easily Image result for drawer organizer lingerie
  • On budget? Why not use old shoe boxes and cardboard to divide your drawers up like so...
    Related image

Avoid folding them in half…

  • A lot of people think it’s fine to fold their bras in half to save space – it’s NOT! It can change the shape completely! Instead, lay them flat as shown above and below.

Image result for folding bras

Hang each bra up on individual hangers…

Like The Good Housekeeping Institute said, If you have the time and space, hanging each bra up will ensure each garment is kept extremely safe from damage and it lets the material breathe. Remember NOT to hang your bras from the straps though as it may damage the garment.

SS18/AW18 Curvy Kate

Hang each bra off one or two hangers…

Hang your bras up and save space but placing 3 or 4 on a hanger, it may cause slight disfigurement in a packed wardrobe so make sure they have some space and don't get moved around too much!

Image result for bras over hanger

How do you store your bras? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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