Finding you bra size is something that we constantly discuss here on the blog however how many of you struggle with knowing where to start? Well this blog will give you some pointers about how to find your bra size. We'll explain where to go to have a fitting, how to do it yourself and if you need any more help, how to get in touch with us so we can assist you in finding your perfect size. So here goes...

Going for a professional fitting:

As we are professional bra fitters without physical stores you can visit, we rely on our high-street retailers to do our bidding and make sure all our customers are in the correct size. Below is a list of retailers where you can be sure to get an accurate and comfortable fitting:

Head into store and ask for a fitting to make sure you're making the most of your bras!

Try it at home yourself:

If you know the signs to look for and what a well-fitting bra should look like then it is possible to do it at home. We have a Fitting Video which can help to get the correct size...

That or read our blogs that can help you understand why so many women get their size wrong or tips and tricks such as 'Scoop and Swoop' to get the perfect size.

Getting extra help from us:

You may remember that we have a resident Bra Whisperer in the team (aka: Me) so if you don't have the time or feel comfortable visiting a store and you're not confident in you abilities to bra fit from instructions - get a virtual bra fitting with our Bra Whisperer. Send me a snap of yourself in your bra from the front and the size and I'll can help determine roughly what size you should be wearing. It's not definitive but it can help to point you in the right direction.

So there you have it, 3 ways to make sure you're finding your feel good fit. Have you used any of these methods? Would you recommend any tips or tricks? If so let us know if the comments section below.

Big Love x

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