Putting the clink clink into every outfit! Gin Fizz is the must have longline for this Black Friday!

Gin Fizz can be styled as outwear with power suits, jeans and skirt or just a supportive foundation to your uniform. With this piece you are in control of the style volume!

Black Friday always serves a deal but we think that this longline on sale for $73 is something we need to really shout about! That is a massive 39% off!

If that's not enough to make you (virtually) run to the checkout let us show you some serious styling inspo with our Gin Fizz longline balcony bra!

As our Bra Whisperer, Katie says:

A good fitting bra is more than just a bra, it’s a lifestyle!

Wearing a perfectly fitted bra will make you feel more uplifted, physically and emotionally! Trust me when I say it takes the weight off your shoulders… leading to boosted confidence and improved posture! We love to see it!

& the Gin Fizz longline bra does just that!

Gin Fizz is the perfect bra to style up and wear as outerwear

Everyone is wanting THIS longline bra this Black Friday

Carly (@carlyforcurves) styles our Gin Fizz longline bra as outerwear with tailored trousers and a belt, making Gin Fizz the star of the show!

Claudia (@hey.thecloset) styles our Gin Fizz balcony bra in three different ways, giving you the perfect inspo to take this bra from shopping trip, to dinner date to cocktails with the girls!

Our Bra Whisperer, Katie (@weirwonderful) styles our discounted Gin Fizz longline with a colour pop suit for those ultimate girl power vibes!

Everyone is wanting THIS longline bra this Black Friday

So there you have it a run down of ways you can style up our Gin Fizz longline balcony bra that is now discounted at £25 giving you a massive 39% off as part of our Black Friday sale!

Don't walk run to get your Gin Fizz!

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