Your Easter 'Egg Cups'...

Your Easter 'Egg Cups'...

It's Easter and what does that mean? It means Chocolate 🍫

CUP FULLS of chocolate.. 🐣

Now I love a bit of chocolate as much as the next person but seeing as I'm more of a boob and bra fitting obsessive, this year I decided to combine the two - eggcellent! (I'm sorry). To answer the burning questions on everyone's lips- What size are your favourite Easter treats and which egg-shaped goodness is giving you the biggest cup size for your money?! Well, wonder no more as we've done all the legwork for you...


1) Malteaser's MaltEaster mini bunny egg.

This is one of the smaller eggs on offer so weren't expecting a huge cup size but there is definitely enough chocolate there to fill a Curvy Kate cup or two... a D cup to be precise!

D cup

2) Cadbury's Mini Egg Easter egg. Slightly bigger so definitely a Curvy Kate egg, coming in at an E cup!

E cup

3) Quality Street's Mint Matchmakers Easter egg. We're into Β£2.00 territory here so that means a whole host of chocolate to fill your cups with. F cups to be exact.

F Cup

4) KitKat Chunky Easter egg. These bad boys were pretty big, clocking in at a sizeable G cup! Nom Nom Nom.

G cup

5) Cadbury's Dairy Milk Giant Egg: If you're a chocolate and a boob fan then look no further. This whopper gives you a whole host of cuppage for your money, coming in at a huge J cup!


So there we have it if you were pondering just how big your eggs are this Easter, then ponder no more!

Treat yourself to chocolate and new in lingerie!

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