Do You Scoop and Swoop? A Tip That Can Change Your Cup Size!

Do You Scoop and Swoop? A Tip That Can Change Your Cup Size!

No this isn't a new-fangled dance craze. The Scoop and Swoop is one of the best bra-fit techniques. We are always banging on about fit here at CKHQ but only because we know how frustrating getting the right bra can be. There is a multitude of techniques out there to help you get the best fit possible, but we feel the Scoop and Swoop is the mother of all fitting tips.

The Scoop and Swoop method is used to make sure all the breast is in the cup. Breast tissue starts much further under the armpit than most people think. So if you don't contain all the breast when putting on a bra, the likelihood is that you are wearing the wrong cup size. We illustrate below:

This trick makes such a difference! So here is a step-by-step guide so you can get Swoop and Scooping at home!

  1. Put on your bra
  2. Bending over slightly at the waist so the upper body is parallel to the ground
  3. Use one hand to gently pull your bra band away from the side of the breast. Using your free hand, moving in a back-to-front motion slide the breast tissue into the cup
  4. Straighten up the back to settle your breast in place
  5. Repeat
Swoop and Scoop 1

We trialled it with our Princess Balcony Bra in Black to demonstrate the difference the method makes when putting on a bra. Our model first put on the Princess Bra in a 32E.

After Scoop and Swoop 32E

As you can see this bra does look like it fits to the untrained eye, there is no immediate spillage and everything looks contained, but see what happens when our model Scoops and Swoops.

Before Scoop and Swoop 32E

There is now gaping near the straps and the bra isn't offering the lift that the correct size would give, meaning her boobs aren't getting the support they need. From the side you can see some spillage on the top of the cup - her breasts are far too big for this cup.

Swoop and Scoop 2

We got our model into her best fit, the same bra in a 28G and on the first look without the Scoop and Swoop it looks like it isn't the correct fitting.

28G before Scoop and Swoop

The cups like this could be a tad big for the model and the top of the cup has visible rippling.

28G after Scoop and Swoop

What a difference! Even though the changes look subtle, the bra is now completing encasing the breast tissue and there is the bra-lift you would expect from a well-fitting bra. The model has gone down 2 band sizes and up 2 cups!

Doing this method can instantly improve your bra fit, it positions the underwires, band and cups so you can be properly supported. As the images demonstrate, the bust is enhanced and can smooth out the armpit and back area as the tissue is now all in the correct place.

You may also notice once you try the technique that your bra sizing may be affected. You may see an increase in cup size and a decrease in band size. This is because the volume of your boobs has been shifted from other areas of the body and into your bra cup.

For more watch our Swoop and Scoop Video

So there you have it. The Scoop and Swoop is our top fit tip! x

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