Celebrating mums, role models, best friends and good times!

Celebrating mums, role models, best friends and good times!

We know that right now, the world is a little bit off. Wherever you are, send love, happiness and positive thoughts, let us share warmth, positivity, light and continue to shimmy. We hope to brighten your newsfeed with these beautiful images

The Curvy Kate team recently invited Tonia Buxton to our HQ! Tonia is a Mother to 4 children, a Presenter, Author, Columnist and Foodie, she joined us with her stunning Maths student daughter, Sophia, who you may recognise from our epic Superplunge campaign! Together, the duo bring a whole lot of heart with a side of sass to the latest Curvy Kate collections and we LOVE IT!

I’ll bring you flowers Sophia definitely got it from her mama, her beautiful smile, kind heart and banging bod! Our Starstruck collection looks incredible on both of these ladies, our padded half cup shape (30-40″ D-J cup) gives your boobs that added oomph! Tonia and Sophia LOVE Starstruck and we just know that it looks as great with or without clothes, how do you style your Starstruck?

OMG! These colour pops are our daily dose of feel good vibes! Sophia sports the Lifestyle collection in super sweet cantaloupe, the mesh set is super comfy and gives a rounded look under every outfit to a J cup. Tonia wears the vibrant polka dot Top Spot in cobalt which is our balcony bra shape offering fab shape and lift!

Jumping for the joy of great fitting lingerie! Sophia is in no fear of her Luxe strapless slipping, our best seller offers INSANE support without the straps to a J cup! Tonia simply owns it in our print of the moment – Doodle. The balcony bra is adorned by hand sketched faces as the pop of pink turns up the Curvy Kate vibes, not forgetting our ‘Up Front’ technology for ‘THAT’ forward projection and uplift!

Poolside perfection in our debut non wired swimwear collection which is available to a dual size of J/JJ cup. The supports incredible, but be sure to do a real good scoop and swoop so that your boobs stay in place all day! The collection is available in a non wired one piece and a glam bikini.

In between jumping, dancing and shimmying, we asked Sophia a few questions about her mama:

Curvy Kate: Which one item of clothing or jewellery of your mums, do you WANT?

Sophia: It would have to be her sunglasses collection other than that I already steal everything

Curvy Kate: What is the one thing that you admire about your mum?

Sophia: I admire everything about her! But mostly how she has a full career and is a full time mum, it is my goal to be able to successfully have both family and career!

Curvy Kate: What is your best piece of advice from your mum?

Sophia: To never change! And maybe take a chill pill sometimes


Curvy Kate: What is your favourite dish that your mum cooks?

Sophia: I love her cakes! Sunday afternoon the whole house smells of Banana, date and walnut cake but my favourite meal she makes is deffo her chicken pie

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