Take a dip and meet our Swimwear Confidence campaign babes!

Our Swimwear Confidence ladies talk to us about about their day behind the camera, share their favourite Curvy Kate swimwear and offer some body confidence advice just in time for your vay-cay!

cup sized swimwear

We chat to Beth and Tina about their top picks from our Curvy Kate Swimwear collection.

Beth is a 36J and loves our Pool Party non-wired reversible swimsuit!

"The Pool Party reversible non-wired swimsuit is my absolute favourite! Not only do you basically get two swimsuits in one, but I never thought in a million years I’d get that level of support at a J/JJ cup from a non-wired! It makes your boobs look banging!"

Tina's is a 30D, her favourites are Wraposdy and First Class!

"It's so hard to pick as each one I tried on was an absolute winner! I am going to have to say it is between the Red First Class Swimsuit or the Wrapsody Bandeau Swimsuit! I loved the way the material hugged in the right places but generally felt delicate and malleable to my movements. I danced a lot and nothing slipped or dipped out so I was really impressed."


How does it feel to wear cup size swimwear?

Beth: “Incredible, I’ve struggled a lot to try and find swimwear that fits in the past due to inconsistent sizing. So having cup sized swimwear that I know is catered to the size of my boobs takes the guess work out of wondering if it’s going to fit or not.”
Tina: “[the swimwear] fit exactly how it was supposed to, my bra size is quite misunderstood and I usually go without but I could feel the immediate support and comfortable cup of the suit. Very pleasing!”

cup sized swimwear

What was your favourite moment from the photoshoot?

Beth: Definitely getting all the girls doing the Lizzo dance 😂 and just the overall vibe and energy from the entire shoot, it was great meeting such a wonderful group of confident like-minded women!"

Tina: "All of it! I loved bonding with all of the brilliant women, especially sitting out in the sun, eating lunch and giggling with the girls. It was such a special moment to just feel the purity of femininity. How one could feel so at ease and supported by women I have only just met; that speaks to women's power."

cup sized swimwear

Any advice for ladies who feel nervous heading to the beach or pool in their swimwear this summer?

Beth: "Honestly, just put that bikini on and ignore every voice in your head that’s telling you not too. At the end of the day the only person your up against, is yourself, literally no-one else cares what you look like, and trust me you will look AMAZING."
Tina: “WEAR THE THING. No one should say and can say anything to you, your narrative is the only one that matters and as long as you feel healthy and content, the beach should serve you not people's opinions. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and allowing yourself the freedom to be you in the pool is the most beautiful thing you could do.”
cup sized swimwear

How did it feel to meet your boob twin?

Beth: Literally the best, I’ve always had the biggest boobs in any room, or among my friends/family so it was great to meet someone who shares the same size and frustrations!" (Beth's boob twin was Jackie)
Tina: “I didn't have one but I expected this as my bra size isn't that well known. I am petite but my puppies are D's and no one can tell me different, we exist!! I think it will be eye opening for a lot of people who think just because they are small in stature that they can only wear B's etc. as often that's the wrong size. I went through this the hard way until a brilliant lingerie showed me the error of my aches and pains.”

cup sized swimwear

If you could give your teenage self some body positive advice, what would it be?

Beth: “Ignore what society and diet culture says, there’s nothing wrong with your body and there never was.”
Tina: “Right" is subjective, and what you see has been created to be seen in a certain way but it's an extension of reality. You are your own, unique being in a world trying to gentrify your identity please don't let it win. Give the world your individuality, show the world who YOU are. It takes courage to be unapologetically you and I hope you find your own and give yourself kindness."

cup sized swimwear

Quick-fire round!

City break or beach?

Beth: Beach!
Tina: Mountains and lakes for me aha

Cocktail or Fanta Limon by the pool?

Beth: Fanta lemon for sureeee
Tina: Cocktails dawg!

Sunglasses or cap?

Beth: Sunglasses
Tina: The Sharpest, largest sunglasses, yum!
cup sized swimwear

Bikini or swimsuit?

Beth: Swimsuit
Tina: Swimsuits actually, I love a bikini to strut around in and tan but swimsuit comes top trumps in every other way
cup sized swimwear
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