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A podcast to empower, educate and offer women a safe space to listen, share advice and to speak all things boobs, bras and body positivity.

Your hosts Phoebe and Katie have invited some of their favourite babes to join them for conversations that you might be having in your group chat but if not, you can join ours! Phoebe and Katie aim to bring you all the fun, giggles, girl power, bra tips and body love to take you through your work-out, commute, bath or downtime! 

Over the next few weeks, keep your eyes PEELED for exclusive interviews here on the Curvy Kate blog where we will be sitting down with the many podcast guests to discuss their experience.


Who is Lex Gibbon?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Lex Gibbon - singer, songwriter, curve model and self-love advocate! She's “just a normal girl trying to live her dream” and she's only gone and created the Have I Got Boobs For You official Curvy Kate podcast intro for us! Bound to be the catchiest song you've heard all year!

Lex loves: Singing, TikTok and Curvy Kate’s Daily Balcony Bra!

Who is Talulah Eve?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Talulah-Eve is a TV personality, model and influencer from North London. Talulah-Eve burst onto the fashion world scene in 2017 when she competed in series 11 of Britain’s Next Top Model. From starring in a documentary alongside Reggie Yates, to featuring in numerous campaigns, there is nothing this girl can't do!

Talulah Loves: Astrology, Skincare and Curvy Kate’s Lifestyle Plunge Bra!

Who is Georgie Swallow?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Georgie Swallow brings infectious energy! She's a blogger, model and she's vegan (woohoo!) and she's here to help you embrace your bod! In 2018 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and uses her platform to spread positivity.

Georgie Loves: Vegan food, celebrating your body and Curvy Kate’s Victory Bra!

Who is Madison Anne?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

We're going international baby! Madison Anne is over from Atlanta, USA! With nearly a million followers on TikTok and over 26M views it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about boobs, bras and fitting!

Madison Loves: British Gin, the theatre and Scantilly’s Indulgence Bodysuit!

Who is Sadie Bass?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Sadie Bass is fuelled entirely by sass, sarcasm & ice coffee. She's a size 10/12 influencer serving fashion inspo to her followers and Youtube subscribers and she's a total self-love advocate! If she's not entertaining us on TikTok or Insta' she's inspiring us with her effortless style! She's also modelled for our Girls Night collection! 

Sadie Loves: Star Signs, Tattoos and Curvy Kate’s Extrovert Longline Bra!

Who is Hari Beavis?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Hari is a TikTok foodie who decided to create a safe space and community for fuller bust women online and we are so here for it! We can’t wait to talk cupcakes and cup sizes with this queen!

Hari Loves: Sunday Roasts with her family, giving back (just ask her about that calendar) and Scantilly’s Sex Education Non Padded Balcony Bra!

Who is Chloe Woods?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Chloe Woods is an ex bra-fitter and stylist. We started working with Chloe back in 2018 for a Curvy Kate campaign and since then she's gone on to building her very own Fuller Bust Inspo community, with honest guides to fuller bust life from a UK 32JJ cup!

Chloe Loves: Her boob necklace, pushing for my diverse sizes within the fuller bust industry and Curvy Kate's Wonderful Full Cup Bra!

Who is Stephanie Yeboah?

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist*

Author of ‘FATTILY EVER AFTER’, she's an award-winning blogger, content creator, body image & self-love advocate as well as a freelance journalist!

Stephanie Loves: Plants, Steps and Curvy Kate’s Emboost Padded Half Cup Bra!

Before you go for now,  we also hit up some of our friends to put together a little something for our guests to enjoy... 

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! Our very own podcast *adds to playlist* 


Our guests were provided with everything they needed to show themselves some love including silk hairbands to say CYA to breakage from SILKE London, Carmex lipbalm to make those lips kissable, handcream from NAF! skincare to have them feeling as smooth as a dolphin and makeup brushes to get those beautiful faces SNATCHED from KOHL! 

All of these goodies are available to buy here...

Hairbands from SILKE London

Lip balm from Carmex 

Handcream from NAF!

Makeup brushes from KOHL

Follow them all on the 'gram here to have a browse of what else they have on offer...NAF!, SILKE, Carmex, KOHL 

In the meantime, did you know only 20% of women are actually wearing the right bra size? Take our Bra Fit Quiz here or see our top tips from the Bra Whisperer here to find out if your bra is fitting correctly!

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