Yep, you heard right...Centre Stage is our brand new plunge bra that offers the plunge effect with minimal spillage and maximum support!

About the Centre Stage Plunge Bra

Centre Stage is the perfect bra to live your best life in. The full coverage plunge cups offer a deep centre front as the geometric lace adds the pretty and practical by holding your boobs in place at all times!

If you are looking for extra support or perhaps you have narrow shoulders… simply pop the J-Hook into a racer back position for added comfort. 

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A plunge bra for big boobs?!

What's the Centre Stage campaign all about?

 Curvy Kate’s Centre Stage campaign is all about encouraging positive affirmations and raising those vibrations in your life and on social media!

We hope that when you wear Centre Stage you truly embrace that Main Character ENERGY!

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A plunge bra for big boobs?!

What is Main Character energy?

A plunge bra for big boobs?!

This trending phrase is a reminder that you are the lead role in your life, you can make it happen, put yourself first and even change things for the better!

Ways to keep your positive energy levels high

Surround yourself with inspiring and relatable accounts on Instagram and don't be afraid to hit the unfollow button on accounts that don't give you positive energy!

We have handpicked a few of our favourites, perhaps you’d like to give them a follow too:

For the Glow Up Project and some body confidence…

A plunge bra for big boobs?!


For big boob loving:


For workout inspiration:


For all round positive vibes:


For teenage body confidence:


For fuller bust style inspo:


For all round boob and bra positivity:



Surround yourself with positive mantras!

A plunge bra for big boobs?!


 Listen to the Have I got Boobs for you podcast

Our official podcast features some absolute inspirational babes who are sure to give you some of that Main Character energy, listen now on the streaming platforms below!
A plunge bra for big boobs?!


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Shimmy, shake and Scoop and Swoop

When you wake up, have a good old dance party to your favourite song and put your bra on with the jiggle, scoop and swoop! This will have you feeling in touch with your body and also energized for the day ahead!

Take a look at how to Scoop and Swoop properly here:


Join in on the conversation on social media

Curvy Kate’s hosting lots of way to tell us how you will put yourself first this year! We want to hear all about it, so look out for Centre Stage posts across our social media and you could be in with a chance of winning some fun giveaways too! Remember, put it out to the universe and believe good things are coming your way! 

A plunge bra for big boobs?!

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