5 Ways to Know Your Boobs are Totally Normal...

5 Ways to Know Your Boobs are Totally Normal...

Boobs are funny old things. They come in a vast array of different sizes and shapes so how on earth do you know if yours are normal?! Well if your boobs do any of the following then rest assured that your boobs are totally normal and just like everyone else's...

1) They hurt. A lot.

Yep that's right. If your boobs go through phases of hurting or feeling tender then worry not as this is a totally normal side-affect of being a female and having boobs. Most breast pain and tenderness can be put down to hormone levels, usually caused by your menstrual cycle. While experiencing this pain, wear a correctly fitting bra and try not to run - (we don't need telling twice!) If pain persists longer than a few days or becomes more severe then be sure to see your GP to check it out.

2) Your nipples aren't perfectly round and perched on perky boobs.

Most nipples that we're exposed to tend to all have a very similar look...perfectly round, erect and placed on perky boobs. Well guess what?! NEWSFLASH! That isn't real life. Nipples are as unique as people are. They can come in all different shapes and sizes, they come in varying colours, different levels or erectness (is that a word?!), some are even pierced and some people don't have nipples at all. Therefore thinking you've got abnormal nipples is absurd because having unique nipples makes you very 'normal' indeed.

3) Your boobs sometimes feel lumpy.

We're a firm believer that boobs change 'consistency' throughout the month. Sometime they can feel hard as rocks and other times they feel soft as clouds and in between we can even feel a little 'Lumpy'. The thing with lumpy boobs is that it can mean something more serious (i.e. tumors, cysts or blood clots) but most of the time it's just your boobs being affected by hormones and extra fluid in your chest because of your menstrual cycle. So know what your boobs feel like, if they feel a little lumpy but you've got your period then chances are all is well. Check again in a few days and the lumpiness should have subsided...if it hasn't it might be time to visit your GP.

4) Your Boobs aren't Symmetrical

As we've already said, boobs are are unique as they person they belong to. No two are the same - just like snowflakes! Asymmetrical breasts will affect every woman in the world to some degree, however some women it will affect more than others - and guess what? That's totally normal! If you've got asymmetrical boobs then do not despair as we have plenty of tips and tricks to make sure you find a bra fits your unique shape perfectly! Read more here.

5) Boob Sweat

Lastly - Boob Sweat. It's true, boob sweat is a real thing and something that affects pretty much every women in the world who has boobs. If they hang down slightly, or even if your just slouching and they're resting on your stomach (we know you know the feeling), chances are that there will be boob sweat gathering. Get the tissues ready.

The bottom line

So the bottom line is that, there are no 'cookie cutter' breasts that yours should look like because everybody's are different. The key to looking after your boobs and making sure they're in tip-top condition is checking them regularly and know what is normal for YOU and YOUR breasts. If they change at all or start to do something unusual then be sure to have it checked out but if any of the above happen then chances are you're just like everybody else.

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