What different back sizes look like...

What different back sizes look like...

What different back sizes look like...sounds simple right? But not everyone is as they seem. Using last years beautiful USA Star in Bra entrants were able to show you what different back sizes look like, and you might be a little surprised with a few of them!


Luxe Strapless

Our first two girls are both wearing a 30" back bra in our famous strapless Luxe Bra


Smoothie Soul Black and Princess Rose

These two girls both wear a 32" back ☝️ They don't look too similar at first glance but after getting fitted they both measured to 32" in Ellace and Princess.


Ellace and Princess

These two wear a 34" back after getting fitted, going down two back sizes than what they thought they were 😲


Princess Ross

After getting fitting at their audition we measured these two at 36" again going down 2 sizes each from what they thought they were!



These beautiful girls are both a size 38" back

Its a common misconception to overestimate your back size, as so many women are currently wearing the wrong bra size its important to know what different back sizes look like. Let us know what bra fitting stories you have down below πŸ‘‡


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