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Full name:

Diana Sirokai




Nail Technician

I live in….I am from…

I live in North London but I was born in Hungary. I moved to London when I was 12.


Bra size before shoot fitting:


Bra size after shoot fitting:


Why do you want to be the next star in bra?

I want to get back into modelling again; it’s such an amazing opportunity so I had to take it. I started modelling when I was 16 and I did shoots for makeup and hair and then I moved on to doing music videos. I quit after a couple of years as I wanted a break from it, I got a boyfriend but now I’m ready to try again.

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Diana in our jazzy new Daily Dream Blue Mix.


Have you ever modelled before?

I always wanted to be known, or famous as I think you then have more of a platform and audience to help people. I always wanted to inspire women. Since I was little I’ve wanted to own my own clothing like for curvy and plus-size women, and I want to inspire women and men to be confident within themselves.

Have you always been happy with your body?

Yes. I’ve never been unhappy. I believe there are different stages in your life, I’m not going to be sad about the way I look because if I want to change it I can change it anytime. I’m confident in what I am at the moment because I think you have to be. You’ve just got to own it.

Has anyone else ever made you feel unhappy with your body?

Yes, when I was doing the modelling and was at college, in the first year people bullied me. They called me fat and ugly. I went to college thinking people would be grown up and passed the petty name-calling that usually happens in primary school but I was wrong. I even had a girl pull a knife out on me and threaten that she ‘would see me after school’, it really hurt me and everyday I’d go home and be upset about it but I tried not to let it show. I’d lock away my feelings and try to ignore what they were saying. I’d always laugh in there face or smile, I’d never what to let them know that it was hurting me. It was a really hard year.

Why did you enter Star in a Bra?

I entered so I can show women that having big boobs and curves is not a bad thing, because some people do see them as a negative. I want to show them that they shouldn’t feel conscious and that that they look great the way they are, just like all the other girls in the competition.



What are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of my life. I feel I have a really lucky life, I never feel hard done by, I’m just proud of how I learnt from such a young age to be positive about anything that happens to me. My life might not be perfect but the fact that I can see it as perfect for me, that’s what I’m proud of.

Tell us about a time you are proud to have overcome.

The bullying. That time was really tough. I didn’t really speak to anyone about it, I kept it all bottled up inside. I still went to collage every day. I would occasionally cry to my mum and ask why when I was living my dream doing modelling and music videos would people be mean to me about it. It was the modelling they didn’t like. They’d tell me I wasn’t good enough to be doing it, but my retaliation was that they had obviously watched the video because they liked the music and that they must just be jealous. It was a massive learning curve, if I was going to pursue this as a job it was a life lesson as there are always going to be positive and negative people and it was sort of like a test to see if I can handle it. It made me much stronger, if I had to go back and do it again I would change anything because it taught me so much.

What makes you feel most confident?

I get stared at quite a lot when I walk down the street. I can’t really go anywhere without getting some sort of attention, from both males and females. I take these as signs that they like something about me and that makes me feel good.

Why did you enjoy about the photo shoot?

I love how everyone was so friendly, it’s a very friendly, sort of like a family. We were all made to feel so comfortable. I also love the photographer, he made me laugh and made me smile and made me feel totally at ease. There was just no judgement from anyone, I didn’t feel like any of the girls were comparing themselves to anyone else which was great.

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Looking lovely in Luxe!

Explain your somuchmoretome sign?

So beauty is my life. I’ve grown up surrounded by beauty and being in nail salons as my mum is a nail technician. I'm always around makeup artists and hair stylists and nail ladies and I got to learn so much and see how beauty treatments can make women feel great about themselves which I love. The fashion is good because it can change the way people feel about their bodies and I think both fashion and beauty encompass my life and show how I always want to bring the best out in people.

Have you ever modelled before?

Yeah I have, I did it because I was confident in my body but I haven’t always been that way. From about the age of 11-15 that when I started putting on weight and I wasn’t always confident in myself then because I was young and also in Hungary it isn’t the ‘ideal’ body type so I always felt a bit different from others and really uncomfortable in myself but then I thought, why don’t I try doing something different that’s a challenge and that could build my confidence so I entered into some plus-size modelling competitions. I learnt to love myself through doing that. Then I also went for castings for music videos as a dancer/model and got picked up for lots of those.

What message would you like to others to know about you?

I want people to know that if they see me on the street, or even on a website like and they think ‘Awww she’s pretty and I wish I had as much confidence as her” that it’s possible because I started where they were with my own confidence. You just need to look in the mirror and say ‘I can do this, I am beautiful’, and you will achieve because I’m proof that you can get there because I’m there now.

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