Pride Guest Blog: Jas and Mary

Pride Guest Blog: Jas and Mary

As a long distance couple it’s hard enough to find time to spend together. But lockdown gave us an extra obstacle to deal with. With all of our communication happening online we’ve taken to using our Instagram page as a way to surprise each other with a post.


As women we are already being scrutinised about how we look. I’ve experienced issues in the past with my body image and body confidence but since starting our page I’ve just wanted to embrace it all. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit chubby or curvy. Because I’m a woman and I have a real woman’s body! And we come in all shapes and sizes.

Black lesbian representation is so important to us. We’re here to remind you we are queer and we are sexy!

Being in a lesbian relationship we’re used to people oversexualising us and making us feel objectified. Random people send us unsolicited pictures and messages, harassing us online, and in real life and we aren’t really taken seriously as a unit.


It’s made me weary of coming out to men, or having male friends because of the negative response I sometimes get. They basically invalidate my relationship and that can be very upsetting for me.


It can make us feel weary to post pictures of us that could be considered sexy. We wonder if our pictures will get many likes because of the way we are viewed. Like as a ‘hot lesbian couple’ rather than us just expressing our confidence. Worrying about that can make us feel vulnerable and kind of forget to feel sexy in ourselves.

But when Pride came around we realised that we have every right to express ourselves and it’s made us realise we need to be strong in who we are so that we don’t get affected by negative views on our relationship. We put ourselves there on our platform to inspire others and we celebrate pride all year round by being who we are on our platform.

We LOVE you ladies and thank you so much for your honesty – give this beautiful couple a follow on instagram:

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