Period Boobs? We've got a bra for that.

Period Boobs? We've got a bra for that.

Periods. The endurance of the painful few days before, the sluggish bloated feeling throughout and the spotty complexions in the week or two after. These are all fairly common side effects of our monthly visits from Aunt Flo but there is also something else that can plague us women in the days leading up to your period....

Period boobs. The time when you feel that your boobs are fit to burst and so tender that you would karate chop anyone who came within a metre radius of them. Hiiiii YAH! ✋

Apparently boobs growth and boob pain in a certain part of our cycle is pretty normal, with 2 out of 3 women experiencing it throughout their lives.

So what happens during the average cycle?

An awful lot by the looks of it!

But Period Boobs are what stand out to us (for obvious reasons), so why does it happen?

Well many women experience the feeling they are carrying two bruised bowling balls around at about days 18-23 in the cycle more than likely because of a drop in oestrogen production (and an overall hormone balance change) which can result in expanding breast ducts and water retention. Ouch.

And what can be done to help this?

True to our message, wearing a correctly fitting bra can help hold your boulders firmly in place stopping any unnecessary bounce, but also the type of bra you choose can make your life a little easier too!

And do you know what? We’ve found the perfect bra that’ll help. Yes really.

Hello Ellace 😍

Curvy Kate Gal: Hannah

Period Boob Pain: 4-5 days

Boob Growth: 1-2 cup sizes bigger

By looking at these two images side by side, one from the start of Hannah’s cycle and one from further in the cycle, you can see a definite size difference, especially in the fullness at the top of her boobs. Yet the Ellace bra isn't giving up and is still fully supporting and containing her bust which we think is pretty awesome. The bra’s “stretch-top cup” means that the bra moulds to the size of your breast at the time, giving you a little wiggle room throughout the month. Perfect.

So if you struggle with finding bras to work with you and your boobs the whole month through, then make sure you give Ellace a go - it's a real treat for both your everyday boobs and your period boobs. Win:Win!

Have you tried Ellace? Do you have any tips on dealing with the dreaded period boobs? Or are you lucky enough to not have the ache? If so then comment below or get in touch with us on Twitter using the hashtag #CKPeriodBoobs.

Big Love x

** Disclaimer: As always our blog posts are a guideline and may not be applicable to every person. We are all different and can experience periods in various ways, the cycle included is the average which may not be the same for everybody.

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