Luxe: To have & to support from this day forward!

Luxe: To have & to support from this day forward!

Luxe strapless is for life! 👰

Curvy Kate's bestselling Luxe strapless bra is on the guest list for every wedding this season. Luxe strapless bra can be worn as a multiway too, its versatility is the perfect support for dresses from bride to bridesmaid and beyond!

Luxe has been winning hearts all over the globe since 2014, thanks to its unrivalled support and shape in sizes 28"-40", D-J cup. Since the launch of Luxe, the strapless bra has become our bestseller, winning an award and continually earning 100's of positive Google reviews.

You can find Luxe working hard for its captivating credentials, being put to the test with cartwheels, trampolining, jumping and dancing to show just how supportive it truly is!

Here are a few tips on how to shimmy into your Luxe from Curvy Kate’s Bra Whisperer:

  1. The jiggle. When you put Luxe on, hold the underwires and jiggle your bust gently in, so that the breast tissue fills the cups.
  2. Always check your band! As Luxe was made to be strapless, you need to make sure that the support is coming from the band. To check, pop two fingers behind the hook and eye when the bra is on the loosest hook. If you can pull back further than an inch, it's a sign your band is too big!
  3. Up next, the Scoop and Swoop. Take your hand and place it on the opposite breast. Reach around all of the breast tissue and lift the bust up to ensure that the breast is encapsulated inside of the bra.
  4. Your cup shouldn’t be half full, or half empty! The cups should fit flush to your chest and with no gaping or spillage! ☕☕

Luxe can need a little adjustment when putting it on, so just follow the steps above & you should be fabulous! 🍉🍉

☀️ Your wardrobe is calling out for Luxe, for endless looks this summer - buy now! ☀️

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