Holiday season is here - but we still need to pack!

Holiday season is here - but we still need to pack!

That ‘going on holiday glow’ is in full effect, but your clothes are all over the floor and you only have a few hours before you have to set off to the airport. We have all been there. Nothing can be more stressful than packing for your time in the sun. So this is how to pack your delicates as stress-free as possible.

Outfit plan

We can’t take our entire underwear collection with us, so we gotta get strategic with our planning. If you know what outfits you are wearing day by day, you can pack undies accordingly. If you are going with the ‘throw random items in the suitcase and hope it works’ route, then we would recommend a strapless that can be worn with many an outfit. Our Luxe bra is perfect and comes in three colourways.

Keep it padded

We all know bras are fragile; cups can become shapeless if not correctly looked after, and shorten the lifespan of the product. We don’t want this! If you are packing socks roll up them up and slot them in to keep the cup filled or use your knickers to help the cup keep its shape.

Pack separately

No, no. We don’t mean have an entirely separate suitcase for them! Just keep them separate to your other belongings. Lace underwear can easily snag on zippers and get completely ruined. So keep them in a separate mini bag inside your main suitcase. TOP TIP – Make sure you keep your bras hooked so they don’t snag on the other bras and undies you pack.

We love seeing our CK ladies wearing our swim. Here are some of the mega-babes that we have spotted sporting this all the glorious holiday bits!

So which range is your fave? If you want them all, treat yourself. We won’t tell : )

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Happy sunning! x

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