Putting the power into your lingerie drawer!

What is your normal routine in the morning? Get up, brush your teeth, shower, get dressed…what is the first thing you put on? Unless you have your own unique way of dressing (which if so, you do you hun), I would have thought it was your underwear!
Our underwear creates the foundation of our day. Big exam = lucky pants, period = comfy period pants. When you put these items of clothing on, you are doing them purely for yourself. So why can’t you wear sexy or beautiful lingerie just for you? Having great lingerie allows the first image of ourselves of the day to be one that is empowered by our own presence.  It allows us to claim our own sensuality and sexuality, giving us a confidence boost for the rest of the day. Great underwear means that whatever we wear over the top looks and feels better, whether that’s pyjamas, work uniform or jeans and a nice top. This is because we both have a fantastic foundation and feel more confident in ourselves.
By choosing underwear for ourselves, we remove the traditional objectification associated with lingerie. Yes, it can be fun and sexy to show it off for someone else, but you are the most important person in your life. It is not selfish; it is self-care to realise that. You cannot care for anyone else until you care for yourself. Self-care is an act that improves your health and wellness and buying underwear can be a great act of that. This is because it takes both time and financial investment to pick the perfect set. When you invest in yourself, it makes you feel sexy and confident, which leads to a boost in self-esteem.
Having great lingerie gives us an opportunity to tune into your body. How does it feel? What feels good on it? Embrace you! It allows for an expression of yourself, that potentially only you will see. Allowing you to explore your most authentic self. This has a direct impact upon your emotional state for the rest of the day. Especially if you have an exciting little secret hidden under your favourite cosy jumper!
Sexy lingerie can have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable. This can likely be because you have not got the right fit. Luckily, Curvy Kate has a great team of Bra Whisperers on board to help you get the perfect fit. The “swoop and scoop” is also an excellent trick to make sure your breasts are sitting correctly in the cups. Think about what your style is. Whether that is soft and sensual or dark and lacy, choose something you identify with. It makes you much more likely to pick it up.
If the idea of wearing “sexy” lingerie makes you feel awkward or embarrassed, do not worry! You are not alone. This is because we have been programmed to think that beautiful lingerie is to sexually appease someone else and that to feel sexy for ourselves is shameful. This is inherently tied to the fact that until very recently, female masturbation and sexual pleasure was seen as disgusting or not important. Luckily, we are reclaiming that. We can reclaim lingerie too! Start gently on yourself. Pick a set that makes your heart happy when you see it. Then pick a time to indulge in yourself! It is important to pick the right headspace for you. You know you best.

You are a beautiful, incredible, sexy creature who deserves their own love the most.
Love, Dr Elesha x
Dr Elesha wears Submission by Scantilly! If you want to fee the best in your lingerie, make you you have a perfectly fitted set! You can educate yourself on bra fitting and have a professional virtual fitting with our team of VBF's, book now.

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