Owner of Secret Whispers, Julie, explores the significance of looking after your pelvic floor as you age and how shockingly common the issues are, as well as all you need to know to stay healthy!

Guest Blog: All You Need To Know about your Pre-menopause by Julie Čolan

Hello, my name is Julie Čolan and I am the proud mummy to two gorgeous sons and wife to my fantastic Yorkshire husband. I am originally from Northern Ireland and after meeting my now husband in Tunisia (holiday romance) I moved to England. We now currently live in the East Midlands and dream of moving to Spain in the near future.

Guest Blog: All You Need To Know about your Pre-menopause by Julie Čolan

I started my company Secret Whispers quite by accident. It was January 2018 and I was reading an article that said

“regardless of how amazing you may think your pelvic floor is, the likelihood of developing an issue goes up by 50% with the onset of perimenopause”.

I remember the shock this statement instilled in me. I was going to be 40 the following year (2019) and I knew that I wasn’t prepared to let this happen to me. This was not something I had ever thought would or could happen to me. Why? Well, because I have been doing my Kegels (pelvic floor exercises) since I was 14 and I thought all women did! How wrong was I?

So, I started researching everything I could on this subject of Kegels, pelvic floors, leakage and prolapses.

I soon found out that prolapses occur in 50% of women! What?? How can this be happening and I am only hearing about it now?

So, I started asking school mums and friends “how is your pelvic floor?”

Initially I was greeted with silence and bowed heads. Finally, many started to open up to me. The responses shocked me. “Julie, it’s normal to leak after giving birth”, “Julie, what is a pelvic floor?” Honestly! This shocked me. But, if this subject has not been spoken about how were they to know? The one that shocked me the most was “What are Kegels”?

After researching everything I could on this subject I knew that I would need some sort of weights to challenge my pelvic floor as Kegels may not be enough. I also found out just how important weight resistance training is for women after the age of 40 as our estrogen and progesterone levels start to reduce. Estrogen receptors are present in the bladder, urethra, vagina, and the pelvic floor muscles.

So as we get older and our estrogen production starts to slow down it is so important to do strength training to help maintain our bone and muscle strength. So, just as we need to use a dumbbell for our arm muscle strength we need a weight to challenge our pelvic floor muscles.

After having searched for Kegel weights and not being able to find anything I would personally want to use, I decided to design my own Kegel Kit.

Guest Blog: All You Need To Know about your Pre-menopause by Julie Čolan

Six months later after having spent many sleepless nights with manufactures, graphic designers etc. from all over the World my Secret Whispers Kegel Kit finally arrived. I will never forget that moment. The sheer proudness myself and my husband had when we could physically see the final product. It was absolutely beautiful and as elegant as I had envisioned.

Why the name Secret Whispers? I was determined to break the taboo, the secret whispers of weak pelvic floor issues.

I launched in July 2018 and I never expected the response that I got. Women were delighted that I was openly talking about this ‘embarrassing’ subject and were so happy that there was a solution to help them improve their pelvic floor strength.

Roll on 2019 and Secret Whispers received so many awards.

  • FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) – Finalist in the Business and Product Innovation Award and Start Up of the Year
  • Highly Commended in the IoD awards – this was a massive achievement for such a small and new business. If you are aware of the IoD (Institute of Directors) you will understand the next few sentences.
    From the moment my husband and I arrived, everyone walked up to shake my husband’s hand and asked him what award he was up for. I was determined not to let it affect me, as rude and sexist as it was. My husband however really enjoyed telling them that it was his wife who was up for an award and then with a grin would say “Julie can explain what her business is about to you”. Talking about pelvic floors, leaks and Kegel weights proved to be a very short conversation holder with these men 😂
  • Niche Awards – Winner in Innovation in Business. This was an amazing awards do. I wasn’t prepared for winning and when my name was called I was blown away. I didn’t expect to have to say a few words either but somehow I managed it. I raised the trophy and said “This is for all you women out there. Bringing down {BLANK BLANK } (certain pad company) 😉 one woman at a time!” The applause was fantastic!
  • Women in Business - Sole Trader of the Year and Inspirational Woman of the Year finalist
  • The Janey Lee Grace awards – won in the Feminine Care category, were some of the judges included Zoe Ball, Glynis Barber, Jo Wood, Clare Every and Carrie Grant.
  • Forward Ladies - Reginal Winner in the start-up category
  • Woman Who awards - Finalist in Solopreneur (products) and Commendation in Internationally award.
  • Small Business Saturday – I was announced as one of the top 100 trail blazing small businesses in the UK. I was then invited to The House of Lords! This was an incredible and very proud day. I actually had everyone doing their Kegels!


I love talking about pelvic floors, why Kegels are so important and that women should not believe that they are faced with a lifetime of having to wear pads and cross their legs. Unfortunately, due to certain pad companies and their misleading propaganda ads that portray leakage as normal and even expected, so many women are suffering in silence. The physical, psychological and social well-being for women and their families who suffer with weak pelvic floor conditions is heartbreaking and could be avoided.

My Mission is to create National Pelvic Floor Awareness. Provide women with the education and support that they deserve.

My Kegel Kit has helped thousands of women. Here are just a few of the reviews. Every single time I get a message, email and review telling me how my Kegel Kit has changed a woman’s life, how they are leak free, I literally do a little dance for them because I know how life changing this is for them.


"Lockdown put many things into perspective for me, and two of them were to take greater care of myself and the environment. I found the perfect solution and combination of those two goals in Secret Whispers' products, CupIT and the Kegel Weights. I have been using both for months now and they have transformed my life and have given me hope. In addition to this, Julie is the most passionate and supportive lady you will meet who truly cares about her customers and knows her stuff! Couldn't recommend her and her products more. Thank you Julie!"

"Getting your self-worth back, getting your confidence back and feeling in control. It really, really works, but you have to put the work in, but what amazing results. Read all the literature, Julie is amazingly helpful and join the fabulous Facebook group, so supportive... My advice 'Do It" you'll not look back"

"This is the best purchase I have ever made! So easy to use, comfortable and so effective! Within a month I was able to trampoline without wee coming out!!! I am once again a fun mum. Literally life changing!"

Secret Whispers has also been mentioned on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio Show where the lovely Rachel Horne told the listeners how she had her first dry run and was using our Kegel Kit. I could not stop dancing that day!

I launched the #DontIgnoreThePelvicFloor campaign in August and had an amazing response. Every single woman I asked to help said YES! This just shows how important this topic is. It was featured in Refinery29 and Womens Running Magazine this had a reach of over half a million!

Leakage and prolapses have been a taboo subject for far too long. There is no shame. The only shame is the lack of education that women get. For most women, the first time they hear the words ‘Kegels’ and ‘prolapse’ is when they actually have an issue. Education is key to bringing down the huge number of women suffering with weak pelvic floor issues.

Your pelvic floor muscles are like any other in your body and they need exercised.

So, if you have leakage issues please do get in touch and ask any questions you may have. It will only get worse. Don’t just wait for an issue. Start exercising your pelvic floor now. Teach your daughters and sons (yes they have a pelvic floor too) the importance of the pelvic floor and how to do Kegel exercises.

We also have a closed Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have and get lots of support.

Here is the link if you wish to buy your Kegel Kit now. Use code CURVYKATE12 at checkout for 12% off! It’s just 15 minutes a day. Simple and very effective.



Julie. X

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