Come behind the scenes on our Swimwear Confidence shoot!

Take a sneak peek at how the magic works on a shoot day at Curvy Kate! Join me, Leah, Curvy Kate’s new PR and Marketing Assistant for an access all areas day in the life on set of the Swimwear Confidence campaign. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes action, some highlights of the day and my favourite product picks!

Come behind the scenes on our Swimwear Confidence shoot!

My first ever day working for Curvy Kate was definitely one to remember! I joined Curvy Kate’s marketing team right before we shot the Swimwear Confidence campaign and what an introduction to the company! The day was filled with the most positive energy surrounded by the most incredible body confidence babes, the whole day embodied female empowerment and good vibes. I’d been on set for under an hour and I already knew what a special company Curvy Kate was, by the end of the day my cheeks were aching from smiling so much. So, let me talk you through the day!
Come behind the scenes on our Swimwear Confidence shoot!
We started the day bright and early and travelled up to London for the big shoot, fueled with oat milk cappuccinos and banana bread we were ready to take on the day. We first met our beautiful body confidence babes, briefed them on the day and whisked them off with our amazing makeup artist Robynne. Once we were in the studio it was all hands-on deck getting all of the swimwear in size order and hung up ready to be modelled, then our super talented in-house photographer Mai was ready to capture all of the ladies in their element!
Come behind the scenes on our Swimwear Confidence shoot!

I was in awe of all the boob twins and how natural they were behind the camera! Every single one of the swimwear babes looked so different from one another it was amazing to see so much diversity on set and to be surrounded by so many confident women! The dancing and the laughter were infectious, the energy was through the roof, and this was even before Beyonce and Doja Cat were played through the aux.

Our very own Bra Whisperer Katie gave us a masterclass in styling the Wrapsody swimsuit and bikini and everyone on set was amazed at the versatility, as a stylist I loved seeing how one design could be tailored to each of the women to represent their own style and assist in them exuding confidence!

Wrapsody bikini

A key highlight for me was seeing how confident and comfortable all of the babes were with their bodies and what they were wearing it was so refreshing to see! The campaign concept of representation through boob twins was really championed throughout this shoot and it was great to see how the different swimwear collections looked on each of the women and their boob twins!
First Class Swimwear

Some of my favourite products from the day were the First Class sets in red, very Baywatch! I also loved the Pool Party reversible swimsuit and Twist and Shout bikini. (Ok, I loved them all!)

I loved watching all of the women do their thing behind the camera, whilst offering creative direction and cheering them on (Kris Jenner style)! Our queen of all things social media was also on hand to capture some fabulous content of the ladies, head over to our Tik Tok and Instagram if you aren’t already for all things BTS from the shoot!

The photoshoot was definitely one to remember, I left feeling so excited about my new job and all of the final images from the day. Our Swimwear babes were so inspiring and shared some amazing tips on how to wear your swimwear with confidence. After seeing all of the ladies embrace their own bodies and boobs it really emphasized the importance of self-love and acceptance. There really is no need to compare, we are all fabulous in our own way exactly as we are!
Wrapsody Swimwear

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