After hundreds and hundreds of entries to this year's Star in a Bra USA we've finally narrowed it down to our fave 20. Check out our gorgeous Top 20 ladies who will be joining us in New Jersey for the live auditions on the 14/15th October. There's also a few cheeky facts about each girl so you can get to know them better...

Lillias Right


Name: Lillias Right

Age: 28

Location: Seattle, WA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I was raised in a conservative Mormon home.

#2: I ran a business making and selling homemade organic lip balm

#3: I lived in Hamburg, Germany for a year working as a nanny.

Daisy Cancel

Name: Daisy Cancel

Age: 23

Location: Bergen County, NJ

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I am Vegan

#2: I love Environmentalism, Activism, and Philanthropy

#3: I love Performing Arts,Technology, Fashion, Beauty, Business, and Science ✨

Kathleen Matos

Name: Kathleen Matos

Age: 25

Location: Elmwood Park, NJ

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I am a huge horror film fanatic!

#2: I have a photographic memory

#3: I grew up participating in musical theatre!

Tre Alexander

Name: Tre Alexander

Age: 41

Location: Boston, MA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I am an actor. My fiance is also an actor. We met on a casting bench.

#2: My dad is a doctor and my mom is a nurse. I used to perform minor surgeries with my dad trying to save wild animals that were hurt by other animals.

#3: I loveeeeee cooking healthy food. I have multiple sclerosis so eating healthy is very important.

Daniel LeBlanc

Name: Daniel LeBlanc

Age: 25

Location: Washington, DC

Three Fun Facts:

#1: Germany is home to me, I lived there for 20 years due to my moms "moving addiction". By the age of 20 I've already lived in 6 countries. I consider German to be my mother language and I'm teaching my two and a half year old daughter German too.

#2: I've been vegan since January 23, 2014. I did have a few struggles here and there but as with anything, determination will get you through the hard times.

#3: I have a 9 month old Goldfish whose name is Titos (I named him after a Vodka brand)

Sondra Holtz


Name: Sondra Holtz

Age: 29

Location: San Diego, CA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I’m passionate about advocating for obesity treatment and body positivity, and I began sharing my personal experience with both with my blog in 2011.

#2: I have a gypsy heart and love to travel! I’m known to friends as a “Flight Whisperer,” because I frequently score amazing international flight deals!

#3: I’m a 911 Dispatcher for San Diego Fire-Rescue, and I’ve mastered the art of sounding calm in the face of a crisis!

Anneliese Heron

Name: Anneliese Heron

Age: 25

Location: Miami, FL

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I did ballet for 20 years

#2: I’ve touched the bottom of the Caribbean Sea

#3: I saved a little girl from almost drowning.

Grace Doty

Name: Grace Doty

Age: 26

Location: New York, NY

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I'm a musician and singer/songwriter! I taught myself to play the piano when I was around fourteen, and then guitar when I was seventeen. I've been writing songs since high school and have self-released two albums.

#2: I'm obsessed with rocks and I have a semiprecious stone collection that I started in elementary school.

#3: I worked as an apprentice in a recording studio, which has inspired me to go back to school to study audio engineering - another passion of mine.

Tia Davis


Name: Tia Davis

Age: 26

Location: New York, NY

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I once hiked an active volcano the day before it erupted

#2: My grandmother lobbied to name me "Tia" after randomly seeing it in a magazine

#3: Writing term papers is what I miss the most about college

Taylor Rhoden

Name: Taylor Rhoden

Age: 23

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: After I graduated in December 2016, I turned down nursing school (Drexel University in Philly) to move to LA and chase my dreams of becoming a plus size model.

#2: I started a Tall girl vlog on my YouTube channel called “Tall Tuesday’s” to help inspire, uplift, and encourage other tall women who face many insecurities due to their height. I also talk about growing up tall, dating as a tall woman, shopping as a tall woman etc.

#3: I’m a thrill seeker! I love amusement parks and roller coasters. I went bungee jumping when I was about 16.

Gabrielle Fequiere

Name: Gabrielle Fequiere

Age: 21

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Three Fun Facts:

#1: October is my favorite month because the leaves change, people smell better in October and fall activities such as pumpkin patch, apple picking, and crock pot chili

#2: I'm one of 7 children and I'm smack dab in the middle

#3: I can do some pretty cool tricks with a Hula Hoop.

Mackenzie Forrester


Name: Mackenzie Forrester

Age: 24

Location: Harrisburg, PA.

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I've played the French Horn for over 10 years.

#2: I'm the self proclaimed "best "ugly face" maker" on the east coast.

#3: And I am getting married in 2018

Shelley Jenkins


Name: Shelley Jenkins

Age: 23

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I am a bartender, I love mixing up new drinks and being creative.

#2: I love interior design, I love the vibe of a room when you enter it.

#3: I love playing softball, I use to be the lead pitcher in high school and love playing it on my free time.

Nancy Remirez


Name: Nancy Remirez

Age: 31

Location: North Hollywood, CA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I am a hopeless romantic

#2: I love to eat

#3: I love salsa dancing

Emily Aldana

Name: Emily Aldana

Age: 27

Location: San Diego, CA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I have 6 tattoos, so far!

#2: I enjoy writing poetry and wood burning/carving.

#3: I love to swim.

Noemi Bourdier


Name: Noemi Bourdier

Age: 30

Location: Brooklyn, NY

#1: I like to sing and dance and act like I’m putting on a performance (not that I’m a singer or a dancer so this happens behind closed doors). I was having my moment one day with my hair brush singing Bootylicious in the mirror and my younger brother walked in and started laughing at me. Let’s just say he wasn’t ready for this jelly.

#2: I’m artsy not only do I paint as a hobby but I love to create things with my hands, whether it’s sewing a tote bag, decorating cakes or even painting my face like the Grinch.

#3: I consider myself kinda fit because as much as I like working out my love for ice cream is greater. After completing half marathons and spartan races my go to meal is fries and a beer.

Crystal Peralta

Name: Crystal Peralta

Age: 26

Location: Downey, CA

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I utilized my Visual communications degree from FIDM to Create Distressed band- tee's and sold them in local boutiques.

#2: I am older than my uncle.

#3: I volunteer at a battered women's shelter.

Katie Sexton

Name: Katie Sexton

Age: 30

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I was adopted when I was 2 months old. I was born in Minnesota and still live here, and I would love to someday meet my birth parents. I do know that my birth mother is a hairstylist, which I found out after I decided to go to beauty school! I’ve been a stylist now for 12 years.

#2: I grew up on the softball field. Both my parents have played ball my whole life, only recently retiring. I’ve also played softball as long as I can remember, and when my mom retired she turned her team (of 42 years) over to me. I’ve played on the team for 14 years and managed it for 2.

#3: I have an incredibly mediocre singing voice, which is only good for late night karaoke and singing in my car. My specialty is 90’s pop, specifically Britney and Christina.

Alexa LeGrande

Name: Alexa Rose LaGrande

Age: 27

Location: Albany, NY

Three Fun Facts:

#1: I am a student still, graduating in December with a degree in Psychology and a degree in Communications with an English minor. My next stop is graduate school to get my Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.

#2: I currently work as a clinical aid in an outpatient therapy room and I am a research assistant in a cognitive psychology lab where we do research on memory and learning.

#3: I was a gymnastics coach for six years and in 2016 I started my own business teaching yoga to kids who have autism.

There you have it! Aren't they gorgeous? Keep your eyes peeled for the audition stages and for our narrowed down Top 10 who you guys will be able to vote on! For information on the competition please visit

Big Love xxx

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