We thought it was high time we saw some kick ass Princesses that celebrate diversity and beauty in all forms, just like our Curvy Kate gang does (#GirlGangGoals). So we've made a few body positive tweaks to everyone's favourite Disney Princesses. Oh, and of course they're all sporting Curvy Kate's latest collection...Obviously.
Please welcome our Curvy Kate Princesses....
Belle Before and After
Little Miss Belle is now sporting a fuller, more curvaceous figure and we think she looks awesome wearing Top Spot Sunshine!
Frog Princess Before and After
Tiana's rocking those curves like a pro! #bodygoals we can see her looking beautiful in Victory Navy Balcony Bra!
Jasmine Before and After
Yes Jasmine! With all the tattoos and the attitude to match, Jasmine looks every bit the fearless princess she is - we would see her in the latest Lifestyle Lace!
So there they are in all their diverse glory, and I don't know about you but I prefer the Curvy Kate Princesses! They're awesome!! Let us know what you think of our curvy and confident line up and tweet us your fave @curvykate using #CurvyKatePrincesses

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